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Walkthrough Seasons after Fall

Walkthrough Seasons after Fall


Managing unknown luminous object fly up. Crashed into the other glowing dots to collect charges. Approaching the two stems with buds, click the left mouse button. Charges fly in the bud. The branches apart. Fly higher and higher, repeating the action. Somewhere you will need to fly to the right, somewhere - to the left, and after up. At the end of the road you will see a huge bud. Fly into it. Loading.

After the dialog box fly to the left until you see a fox. Schёlkayte the left mouse button. Fox will run after you. Lure the fox back to the rocks, where you were. As a result, a luminous cloud dwell inside the beast.

Run forward, jump by pressing the "Space". With the tree will jump higher. Go behind the screen.


Run to the right. In the grass periodically you will find glowing charges. They will immediately fly to the plant. If you turned the bud, then with his help, you can jump even higher as on the trampoline. At the end of the road, if will not jump, you are rested into the rock. Before reaching it, there are two other hills. Prior to the left of them in the grass get the charges to make the bud. At bud jump up. Jump to another rock. Go to the twisted branch and click on the left mouse button to unleash it. Run to the end and jump to the rock. Follow the right-hand side, at the new location.


Move to the right, until, in the end, you are rested to a standstill. Follow the left and down to the cave. Go to bear. luminous cloud will appear soon. Go to the right, up to a huge bud. Click the left mouse button. So you change the season from autumn to winter.

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