Walkthrough Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Walkthrough and Guide Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

A detailed walkthrough the game Sekiro Shadows Die Twice from the creators of the series Dark Souls.

Chapter 1. Ashina Reservoir

Wake up, pick up the letter and move on the only way forward. In the other direction you can not go, because there is nothing interesting. Climb up the rock, jump and crawl along the wall so that a huge inscription appears on the screen with the name of the location.

Climb over the ledge and hide in the tall grass. Move between it to hide from opponents. Follow to a small hut where you can overhear the soldiers. Leave the house on the other side and overhear the soldiers on the bridge.

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You will learn that it is impossible to pass through the door to the tower, because it is locked. You will also learn about the hole in the wall from the side of the cliff. The solution is obvious: you need to get through this hole. Hang from the ledge to the left of the bridge and climb up until you reach the hole where the cut-scene will start.

Прохождение Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

For the first time you will meet with a new character and you get the sword of the main character – Kusabimaru. Now you can fight. Talk with the heir again to get flask with medicine, and then go upstairs to find another item. Now you need to find a hidden passage under the bridge to escape from here along with his ward. After restoring health points, use the door to be on the street and kill the first enemies. The first of them can be killed covertly.

Follow the trail to the left and kill other opponents. It is easy to do this; it is enough to block strikes and counterattack in time. At some point you will reach the first mini-boss, who will have two parts of the health scale. Any difficulties should not arise. Counter and quickly defeat the enemy. Collect items, you can restore health points.

After the victory, go along the road to the right of the door, in front of which there was an enemy, and follow the only path, pick up a handful of ashes. You will see a bridge and two trails. One of them leads up the bridge, and the other – down from it. Follow the upper path to hang from the bridge. Overhear opponents, kill enemies under the bridge and jump to the other side.

Прохождение Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Jump down several times, picking up useful items until you reach the door with a hidden passage. Whistle to call the heir and go through a small cave that leads into the field. There will be a very strong enemy – Lord Genichiro. You will not be able to defeat him, because the defeat of the main character is conceived by the plot of the game. Our character will lose his hand. After the cut scene, the chapter will be completed.

Ashina outskirts

When you wake up, you will find yourself in the Dilapidated Temple, where you will meet Sculptor. It was he who created the mechanical prosthesis for a lost arm. Explore everything in the neighborhood, chat with him inside and Emma outside the building. Come out of the temple, go right and meet the Immortal. He is ready to practice your martial arts. Use it if you wish.

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