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Walkthrough Seraph

Walkthrough Seraph

Seraphim Chamber

Use a standard set of keys to move. At the bottom of the screen there is your skill - click on the J, to produce an explosion. Cooldown - 3 seconds. Press SPACE to jump over an obstacle. Seraph jumps two jumps on the high barrier - the first she clings to the wall. Take a double jump by pressing SPACE on, when the character is in the air.

Go up and kill your enemies. Click on the key K. Do not forget to collect the spheres from opponents.

Press oneself to the right wall and hold the D, jump up the wall. Drop down to the left. Kill enemies and open the found chest. Click on the TAB. You'll get game experience.


Hold W button (up), make a double jump and accelerate to the SHIFT, hold W. You will fly even higher.

Kill enemies. You will see a stronger monster. Attack him, move and use jumps. When he is stunned, you will see the prompt. Run up and press J, to destroy the enemy.

Go right and interact with remote control TAB key to open the door. Kill the enemies and go down to open the next box experience.

Drop down and see the output. But the door is closed. Go to the right, use the new skill by clicking on L. This is boomerang to inflict great damage. Next will be the boss. Kill him. But this time will need to use J three times, to destroy three of his health scale. Go back to the door and leave the location by holding TAB.

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