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Walkthrough The Sexy Brutale

Walkthrough The Sexy Brutale

We begin the detailed solution videogame The Sexy Brutale on the ShowGamer.com.


In this part, you just need to follow the instructions. Open the doors, spy on people. You will learn that an old man in a mask was killed by some bandit with a gun. You will also see where he got this gun from.

Saving the Old Man

To save him, after awakening, go to the door on the left and see. Wait for the appearance of the old man who opens the safe. When he leaves, you go into the room with the safe and pick up the false cartridge that fell out from it. Go into the room with a gun.Do it as soon as possible. Select the cartridges, use the "1" and "3" keys to switch between the broken pocket watch to rewind the time and this cartridge. Then go to the gun and press Z to apply the selected cartridge. The cut scene will start.

You will receive an old man's mask. It will give you a new skill - now you can rewind time by 4 or 8 pm, use any working clock in the house.

Save Clay and Trinity

Go to the casino on the right and talk to the ghostly woman. She'll give you the key.You can use it to repair the clock nearby.

Follow through several rooms to the right below the map to find a playing room with Clay. A man will die from drinking a poisoned drink. You must bypass this hall in a circle, clockwise, and below it find a security room. There will be a large monitor with levers, but nothing can be done with them. The most important thing is to study the note attached to the object on the left. After doing this, go out and go into the room just above the playing room with Clay. There are several doors. Look at the door to the right to see how the waiter comes out through the other door with the combination lock. You will also see Trinity, who will go to the room on the left.

Through the peephole you will not be able to find out what password the waiter drove.But now you can hide, releasing the waiter and letting Trinity go through the door with the combination lock. Go into the room with this door and interact with the terminal on the right wall to drive the code found in the room below the hall with Clay. The camera will turn on, which will allow Clay to see that Trinit is in danger. So you will save Trinity and get her skill - remember the code combinations. When you peek at the person driving the code, just hold down the SPACE key.

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