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Walkthrough Shadowrun Dragonfall – Director’s Cut

Running: Manor Harfild

It begins with the fact that you are familiar with the whole group and discuss a plan of action. As soon as the conversation with Monica will come to an end, go to the van behind you and take the weapon with ammunition. So, sort out the things that move in a northerly direction to the group, which is waiting for you at the door to the mansion. Press "Enter into the house," and soon the screen darkens.

Inside you there are two objectives: 1 - "The team has to survive", 2 - "To get to the basement." Open the door and go into the next room. Go to the north and along the way you can explore the local museum exhibits (among which you can even get something to himself, that's just for starters will break showcase). There is the door at the end of the right - open it and move on. Go now to the door on the north - there is a lift. But you can go and the south side, where you will see on one of the guards. After killing the guard, you can connect to a host of protection, with which will be able to unlock the room in the east. If your hero is not pumped decking of the second level, then switch to Monica and using it unlocks the room.

Come out of the room, you run into another guard. Kill him is not difficult. Go into the room that is located in the eastern part of the mansion. Inside you will find a different control panel, to which, again, can only connect Monica (as needed Decker). Move forward in the matrix. Soon you will arrive program, which will start to attack, thus trying to oust. In total there will be three here, and destroy them is not difficult. After destroying all of the programs, go to the database and get the item for the mission: "The data for sale: ancient, delivery schedule." Then get out of here and go by the door to the north. They have already met four guards - kill them all. There is nothing difficult in combat will not. Do not forget about the abilities of the characters that are under your control.

After a skirmish, go to the elevator and press the "Accept" button. Starting download. You can safely with Monica move on down. After loading begins a conversation during which you have to decide how to answer the Eiger, for example, it is right or not in his statements. After several decisions in the dialogues, Monica during the break falls and you need to decide what to do now. In the end, Monica dies and guards come to you, so you have no choice but to fight. After the fight, go to the next panel and click on the "Activate the terminal." You have started a dialogue with Dietrich. It seems, Monica tried you something to pass (not for nothing that the panel was written your name). After working with the control panel, you get the answer to the question of how you can get out of here.You come to the conclusion that it is necessary to hold out until the moment when the doors open, you have a new goal:

"To survive, while there is unlocking the doors." On the side, the left side you will read: "Holding out 10 strokes." So take a safe position and start to defend.

→ Tip: So, the enemy to attack from the start will be at the bottom (from the place where you were). From there, you immediately come two enemies, among which will be one turret and one security guard. On 7 move the two guards on the east side. What we have is: two enemies from the north and two in the east. Based on this, take a better position as close as possible to the door - in the territory of the huge hall, there are places where you can hide, so this will be no problem. If you try to pounce on somebody, then another pair of enemies will fire you on the other hand - remember this (they occupy such a position in which it is easier to protect each other).

Boss - Guard's Captain

In addition to the four fighters, the third step arrives captain protection (by the time you at least need to kill two guards, or the protection of the turret and the guard). Do not forget that the main character has a first aid kit, and Dietrich is able to heal their allies. Agree with Captain of guard does not work and throw your minigun he just does not want to, so you have to fight him or run away. But do not immediately switch to it, if you do not deal with the other fighters. To start kill ordinary foes, and only then switch to the Boss.

If you are have difficulty with Captain of Guard, then just try to run away and wait to open the door. As soon as the doors open, you have a new goal: "Get out of the building." And when you open the door, you find yourself in a new room, so you have to just run. In another room you will meet another guard, but do not forget that if you can not kill the boss, then it is better to run away. If you behave gently and carefully, then except Monica no one else will die, and the rest of the team will be able to get out of this place. In any case, in the street you meet the Eiger. After a short dialogue you come to the conclusion that it is time to run away quickly from here.

Walkthrough Shadowrun Dragonfall – Director's Cut. Kreytsbazar

You find yourself in the underground. The path there will be absolutely linear, so just move forward. You will in any case come to a ladder. In her climb to the top. Upstairs you meet certain Paul Amsel. Tell him what happened with you. After a long conversation and quarrels, you learn a lot of interesting details. In addition, you get karma (that is point of the characteristics) and a new target: "Meet Altug Burakgazi."

→ Tip: After a conversation with Paul, you can inspect the room. So, this is place where you first get to know the dog named Dante. Once it belonged to Monica, but now it can be your friend, and will also be traveling with you, and even fight.

You can walk around and talk to your shelter to all. In the room next door has a locker where you can store items. By the way, as you progress through the game, some things will have to send to the shelter, so all the results and sent items again stored in the locker. In either case, after you talk with everyone and everything look around, go out into the fresh air.

You need to get to a place called "Cafe Cezve." Look at your radar and go in a southerly direction, that is, come down. Inside go in a straight line - it is the same Altug. Talk to him. Once the dialog is about to end, you have a new goal: "Clear data connectors for Altug." On the side, the left side will display "Verified data connectors 0/3". The first panel, where you can reload the data connector, you can find just around the cafe. The second panel, you can find in the eastern part Kreytsbazara about "Kiberclinic triage." Well, you look for the last panel in the northern part Kreytsbazara around the monument, which is located in the center of the site. Once you are done with the protocol restart, you will have a new goal: "Back to Altug."

→ Tip: After you restart the protocol, you can hear someone talking. The dialogue itself is interesting enough, and no less mysterious, so if you're interested, then I recommend to listen to. In the end, it is connected with the death of Monica and storyline as a whole.

Go back to the cafe. Talk to Altug. After talking with the Turk, you get a memory card and a new goal: "Take back card to Amsel." Go now back to your shelter. On arrival, go to Paul and talk to him.

→ Tip: During a conversation with a group, you will have an optional goal: "Examine your work computer." Paul says that the computer belonged to Monica before, but now it's yours. There you will look for her personal notes and files of the dead girl. In addition, there you will be able to check your private messages, read the old view job offers and even enter into a "The world of shadows." By the way, in this very "The world of shadows" you can mark these for sale. You have these information, if you have extracted them early in the game.

Your new goal: "Take the subway to Drogenkippe." There you planned raid on a certain "boiler room", where according to some sources is a key target to question, so in a way! Go inside the metro and sit there in the subway.

Narcotic hangout

After you download and you have a new goal: "Find Green Winters." At the entrance you are met bouncer. After talking to him, go ahead. Your have a new goal: "Find a way to get to the hotel." Go to the barman.

→ Tip: When you go to the barman, you will find him for an unpleasant conversation. If you want to help a girl named Silke, then spoke to her and agree to help. Her personal belongings were in the room under the number "304". During this service, she also agrees to answer for another couple of questions about the "new management of the hotel." In addition, she is also give a tip to the manager on duty, who could help to get inside the hotel and tell you what she saw Winters, and if you believe Silke, he has security.

If you talk to Silke around the bar, then you will have two new, but non-binding targets: 1 - "Talk to Frank", 2 - "Return Silke her things." Do not forget to talk with barmen whose name Kroner. In it you can learn a little more information that concerns Winters (for example, what it looks like). As soon as the talk with the barmen, find Frank. You look for it on the east side. Frank, you can lie and say that Sarah need a key and she is his "thank" for what he gives it to her. The same can pick up the key battle (but there are other options that can help you get inside). Once you go inside the elevator, select where to go. Choose to start the first floor of the hotel.

First floor

→ Tip: Before you pass to inspect the premises, note that from time to time you will come across a locked drawer, and so on. You need pumped skill "Dekent" to walk through the plant and open all the doors, with at least up to the third level.

On the ground floor of the hotel will be just three rooms, in which you can enter and search them carefully. In the first room, which is located right near the elevator, is a panel with a combination lock, so you have to either crack it or find the code (which it was not possible to find, so I had to break).

→ Tip: In one of the corridors will be very fragile wall, which can be destroyed. To destroy it, you must have a third level of force. So, inside you'll find a leather diary. After reading the diary, you will be added to the subject of the mission: "Code for the dressing room on the third floor."

Second floor

After a thorough search, go back to the elevator and go to it on the second floor. On the second floor, go into a huge room, you run into two enemies. And when the battle begins, they will arrive reinforcement in the amount of three soldiers, so everything will be very difficult. Kill all in this great hall, go to the toilets, which are located in the eastern part, but a little lower. There you'll find a new subject for the mission: "The fake service key." The room, which is located just in the eastern part, but adjacent to the room where the battle took place - is the control panel.

So, go to the Control Panel in the first tab and enter the "Green Winters." As a response you will receive the current place of registration: the fourth floor, room 405. After that, click "View note" and get an object for the mission: "Code Room 405" (code "1989"). The second and third tab is also designed to search Green Winters, but there you have to enter a number of room or the administrator password to find the desired target. In any case, you can now go back to the elevator and go up on the third floor, because there are no more nothing useful.

Third floor

Go on the third floor, on the screen you'll notice two open rooms. Go into the room on the west side of you and carefully examine everything, because there you will find Cram (local drug). In room 302 there is nothing useful.

→ Tip: The room where hangs a plaque with the inscription "Do not open" (it is 302 th room) is huge and very bold scorpion, but its destruction no problems. The only thing that can still be useful in a fight with him - Elementals Dietrich. If you do not want a long time to dig with a mechanical monster, start the whole crowd to kick Scorpius.

At the end of the corridor will fork. Go to the beginning of the eastern side, because there will be coded lock, which you already have the password - "2478" (you can find items for the job if they were attentive and follow our walkthrough). Anyway, inside you will find the modifier "Jazz", which increases the speed and movement points.

Now go down the corridor to the west, and first of all go to room 304 - there will be plenty of places with little things (if someone had forgotten it, and there is room Silke). On the table you find a subject for the mission: "Encoded kredstik Silke." Between the beds is one more thing for the mission: "Bear Silke." In a box, which is located in the corner, is the last thing for the mission: "Silke signed cookbook." Your new optional goal: "Return Silke personal belongings."

Exit the 304 th room and go to the 30th room, where they found traces of a shootout. At the end of this room you'll find a hole, through which will be able to come down. There you will find a frightened man. During the conversation with this man, he will tell you about a workshop in room 401, and even provide a door code to get in. Code "5870". He barricaded himself in this place due to the fact that he was afraid of bandits, who captured this hotel.

→ Tip: If you are in conversation with frightened people using the intelligence of the third level (say, that the body is better to pull the refrigerator), then you get one point of karma.

If you previously clean office space, then you can tell a frightened man, that he can go because you are all killed, and if not, then you have to leave you and deal with all, because otherwise you will not only be able to help out the man. Since there is nothing useful will not, you searched the third floor and fourth floor - a key for the storyline. Go to the fourth floor.

Fourth floor

First of all, on the fourth floor, you can open the doors near. Door code "5870". When you open the door, you immediately run out first opponent. All forces hammer it and do the same with everyone who will run next. At the same time, try not to go into the lab. Everything should look something like this: ran the opponent, you beat him (and so three times). Total room will have three enemies, with one of which will be armored, but you will kill him easily. After the fight, go through this lab and check everything. Be careful during the search, because you need to find a subject for the mission: "scheme: Auto-Injector (Hyper)."

On the west side is another room that can be searched. So now go further and turn immediately to the left as the right room would not be nothing useful. Enter the code of the 405 room"1989". Go straight and open the door. On the floor you will see the corpse, which is examined, it turns out that this is the Green Winters, who was sleeping brain (as well as Monica) when interacting with data jack. In the course of dialogue and examining the body, you have a thing for the job: "The mysterious figure." In addition, you have a new objective: "searched the room of Green Vinterasa" For a picture of the corpse about to be empty. You need the right picture. Slide the picture and enter - "91612". In the safe you find a subject for the mission: "A stack of old CD." Your new goal: "Back in Kreytsbazar." Additionally, you can still view the disks.

After viewing the disc, you have the optional objective: "Respond to the video call." The answer, you need play a role that you are the "Boss." Soon it turns out that it's "Blitz", which you can hear in the records on the computer Monica. By agreeing to the proposal Blitz, he tells you that you arrived at the 505-th number. Having an optional goal: "to meet the man on the top floor," go to the elevator and go up to the fifth floor.

→ Tip: Do not forget that you can quickly get down and give things found Silke. In conversation with her, if you have a large enough level of charisma - you will be able to demand compensation. In any case, give things, you get one point of karma (if you have demanded a reward, and no karma, then you just need to give her things, and not require a compensation).

Fifth floor

Arriving on the fifth floor, right room which will Blitz, is located nearby. After talking with the blitz, there is a new goal: "Open the repository." Along the way, you can see (if you were on the fifth floor before) that there is now open room 501. If you want - go. Inside, carefully inspect and collect all the items.

When finally leave the room and go to the repository, you are literally at the door meet the enemy. In total there will be three, but you will not be difficult to deal with them. Kill enemy and open the door, you see drones and the turret.

→ Tip: So the fight will be very, very difficult. Since it is practically impossible to defeat the enemies of the fact that in the next room sits a mechanical troll. To get rid of the enemies, switch to the Blitz and pick this hero to the control panel inside. There you can take a self-destruct technology, which has been activated. After that, you will only kill the troll with a mechanical arm.

As soon as you will kill all the enemies, go to the door in front (in the corridor). After opening the door, you will have a new goal: "Search the repository." The first step is to take the subject of mission: "Broken drone." On the table next door, you can take one more thing for the mission: "The formula of the drug (Jazz)." After that, you can only open the safe and take what there is (this money and nitro). After the search, and the task of a robbery, you get just one point and karma.

It's time to go back to Kreytsbazar. Right at the exit of this hotel Blitz appeal to you and thank you for what you pulled him out of that hole. And by the way, if you have the desire, then you can allow Blitz to join your team, because he lost his job, but in itself it is a very useful character.

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