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Walkthrough Shadwen

Walkthrough Shadwen

Chapter 1. The Apple Tree

In the first part of the game after the introductory video you will play for a little blonde girl. Run forward, use the movement keys W, S, A, D. Press the left CTRL to move past the enemy silently. So the girl sits down. Walk past the first two opponents. Next you will see a patrolling enemy. Feature of the game is that while you're standing still, time stands still. But there are situations when it is necessary to wait until the enemy will pass. In such cases, you need to manually start time, hold the key Q.

Pass the guard, hide behind haystacks left. Go on. If they suddenly notice and try to kill you,then you can to rewind time backwards. You need to hold the key R to do this. You can rewind time, anywhere, anytime. Enemies are marked by a white outline. If the enemy is marked orange outline, he noticed something. You can distract him. You can roll a barrel by moving the box, run behind the high haystack, knock a glass bottle. Use all of this to distract enemies.

When the enemy goes past on a wooden bridge, you go up and push down the barrel on the left side. So you distract another opponent. As for the enemies at the gate, you can distract by using bottles. Then go to the right of the haystack and push the barrel so that it swept across from the entrance to the garden, which will be one more enemy. Barrel distracts both soldiers, and you can get to the garden area. Here, climb up the stone steps and approach the tree with fallen apples. In this first chapter it will be completed, and then you have to play for Shadwen.

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