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Walkthrough Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

Episode 1. Confession of a victim

Talk to the boy, make his portrait. You roll a circle on the following components: red eyes (direct the left eye), pale skin (direct to the chin), was born in 1887 (direct amulet on the neck), neat seam (direct to a piece of cloth which lies to the left of the collar), damaged hand (right hand), London map (vest pocket).


After creating a portrait talk to him about everything. Ask all the questions, and then select the option that allows you to go into the apartment. The boy's father was gone, and Sherlock decides to help him.

Move in Whitechapel, the street Dorset Street 12. Climb up to the second floor, go to the apartment with the letter E. Talk and get an additional job. You must investigate the disappearance of George Hearst.

Before you go to the apartment, study room and go into the bedroom, where you can change clothes. Then leave the house. Walk to the right place to go for a long time, therefore it is best to find the cart outside and take advantage of fast movement. The area that you must visit, you already know. Just click on it to start downloading.

Go to the right home. Enter the tunnel (red stone). Turn right and go forward until you get to Dorset Street. Drive down the street and find the house at number "12". Open the door, go up to the second floor and find the room with the letter E.

There is the boy in the apartment. When he opens the door, you need explore the place. First, go to the table next to the fireplace and look on the receipt. Then go to another table (located next to the boy). Examine it and pick up a candle with matches. Pick up items, follow up the stairs. Place the candle on a convenient place, and then look in the box located in the right corner. Find the list here and get a letter to George Hearst.

Read the letter. You need find a piece of paper. Go down; concentrate your attention on the search for details that others do not notice. You will find it in the jacket at the entrance. You see the address of the pub. Go in pub the "North Street."


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