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Additional jobs in XCOM 2 occupies a large part of the game. On them you will spend over half of their possession. Additional missions are of different types and have different goals and objectives. Award for their performance is always different, so pay attention to it before choosing what kind of mission would be as follows.

Guerrilla mission

These missions are one of the most common side quests. Guerrilla attacks pose in front of the player, such targets that ultimately affects the aliens. You like to let their coalition. These missions tend to appear on several pieces. You can choose what task will perform. The choice depends largely on the desired rewards and total jobs.

The first stage, which will allow you to carry out the mission of a series of "guerrilla attacks" - an understanding of what kind of goal you are pursuing. Missions appear from several pieces, and you choose which you want. As a rule, you need to choose the rewards associated with research and engineering. If there are no rewards associated with one of these areas. In rare cases, pay attention to the mission, which offer as a new soldier's awards.

Once you have chosen a mission, you immediately find yourself in the scene. If possible, avoid the collision with the newcomers, yet most do not get close to your target. If things go wrong, you can simply grab the target and escape. When the target will be in your hands, it automatically moves to the limit stop. Therefore, it is best to capture the target, and only then deal with the enemies.

Revenge mission

This type of side quests direction only appears after the aliens are attacking the outpost. When they do, then you go back to clean up the location of hostile creatures, thus saving the lives of as many civilians. These missions must be carried out quickly, and the award will be known only after their completion.

Compensation for any mission of this type you get at the end. And you recognize that this is a fee, too late. Typically, as a reward granted some amplifiers.

The main objective of most missions is the salvation of civilians in certain points of the map. You can do this by simply moving around, thereby surrounding them. The aliens kill their enemies slowly. The difficulty is in the fact that on the map there are werewolves, pretending to people and imposters just once closer to the opponent. Therefore navigate exclusively pairs of soldiers who do not walk alone.

Your objective in such missions is to save six people as quickly as possible. Six people - this is the minimum of those you must save to pass the level. The mission will not be completed until all the enemies on the map will not die. Once you save six people, focus on the clean-up cards and other rescue of civilians, which will be able to save.


These missions are randomly appear from time to time, and offer you the opportunity to earn additional items and supplies. There are no restrictions on moves to perform this type of job, but instead, the difficulty lies in the fact that you have to carefully choose the moment for a shot. For example, if you steal any materials from aliens, it is in your interest that these materials are in the integrity and security. Also, if you do not immediately start the job, then it will disappear and others will have to wait.

These missions appear randomly on the map. You necessarily immediately execute them, or they will be gone.

There is no limit on the number of moves, so the map, you can move slowly. You can see luminous containers  in the area of fighting.  Inside you can find prey. But remember that an accidental shot during a fight, you can touch the container, which immediately explodes.

For this reason, we offer you a few things. First, never use a box of supplies to a shelter. Second, do not use too often explosives. Never shoot in areas where you do not have 100% visibility. As long as you follow these two simple rules, go to the end of the map, kill enemies, and then go back and pick up the delivery.

The object of aliens

These missions, much less in the game than others. But they are just as important as the other. You do not have to complete them as soon as they appear. Reward for performing tasks standing, so do not forget about them and go when your level allows it. Almost all the missions of the plan straightforward. You are required to enter the facility, clean location of the enemy and leave the area.

You penetrate the large complex, where it is necessary to organize sabotage, and then leave it. These missions are fairly straightforward, but there is a limit in time, therefore, you need to act quickly.

No subtlety from you do not ask: take the big gun, which you have, and feel free to go to destroy the aliens. Use grenadier weapons. Let your party will be two people, grenadier, that at any moment you can destroy any wall, roof and most powerful opponents.

Expect serious resistance, so the move still carefully. No need to kill each of the strangers, because even if you do so, new enemies appear necessary. Make your way inside, organize sabotage, and then leave the base, using the evacuation zone.


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