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Walkthrough Side Quests Dyimg Light: THe Following

After the prologue to the main campaign, you can run the addition The Following. In my case, the storyline of original game has been passed by 100%.

What is Trust Rank?

From this moment, any your help for community will increase the confidence of the "faceless". It is the only way to meet with the Mother. To increase the level of confidence you need to perform side quests, help people and create safe zones. Go to sleep.

Strange noises

Target: Deal with the mysterious sounds in the park.

Get in the buggy and go to the specified location on the map. Upon arrival, go down and kill all the zombies. Find a stone well and climb down. Kill the monster and go to the other side of the cave. Jump into the water and swim along the rope. You need swim fast, because the path is not short, and the air supply is not enough. Get out of the water, climb the ledges and kill three zombies. A little further on there will be one more pit with water. Jump into it and continue to swim along the ropes. In the end, you will find a man. Talk to him and the quest will end.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Target: Destroy the nest of jumpers.

Move to the specified location. It is advisable to visit it at night, when Jumpers leave it and walk on the surface. Day activity of jumpers is high in the caves. Once in the cave, inspect it, kill all zombies and. You need to clean up the whole cave; until the day came (back jumpers and the job will be practically impossible).

The Mechanic

Target: Meet with Bilal at a gas station.

Drive to the marker on the map and go up to the roof of the building of petrol. Bilal is in the building. Drop to the ground and go through the doorway about sitting Man on a chair and immediately open the door to the right. Look at the cut-scene, after which will appear a new task automatically.

Buggy Grail

Target: Get to the truck of Silas on the highway.

As usual, you can see on the map. Move back and see the high road. You need to climb up. You can do this by climb up the mountain, and pass over the road, and then jump over a precipice. But there are way closer. Please note that at the bottom there are two train cars. Climb up on the car, and go up the platforms to the top with it. Enter the truck and talk to truckers. You can now buy spare parts from him.

Power to the People

Target: Ask about Bilal Power.

As soon as you go away from the mechanics and leave the building, you will hear a distinctive sound - lost electricity. Go back into the building. There will be automatically a new job -"Light of the people". Talk with Bilal to find the problem.

Target: Find an insulator on electro tower. Take it to Bilal.

So, you need to bring Ali the fuse and insulator. The first thing Bilal gave you. But he says that the fuse immediately burns out without insulator. Electro tower of this mission and a truck on the previous task of mechanics are next to each other.

Electro tower. Climb up using the ledges yellow and black. Do not forget using the mouse wheel to look the other way. Move to the edge of the boom and knock down one of the insulators. Go down and pick up the fallen insulator from the ground.

Follow to your destination. The power station is far away, therefore, better to go by car. Here you have to find Ali. Ali is in the right part of the closed area, if you look at the dam. Ali squats and delves into the plate, and next is Faceless - masked man reading a prayer. Kill the enemies around and talk to Ali. This task is not yet complete.

Target: Go inside the dam.

Open the door, go forward and see another door. Behind it you will find a surprise – a huge armored zombie. Kill him is not necessary. It is best to make firecrackers and throw aside. The enemy did not see you. Go to that place and find a normal transformer on the wall. Activate the switch, but nothing happens.

After a conversation with Ali you need jump into the hole in this room. The transformer is for middle floors. Just go down until the marker does not become a regular. Come and activate switches.

Jump down where are a lot of monsters. By the way, you can attract them and throw firecrackers in the crowd grenade. You need to go under the water near the lattice and sneak underneath. Once in the room with the sewers, turn the valve to the left and open the grate. Go on the tunnel to the exit.

Go upstairs and talk to Ali as soon as you kill all the zombies. When Ali will begin and finish your work, you will need to protect him. It makes it easy enough. Finally, talk to Ali for the last time. Quest is completed.

Note. To receive an award, you need to go back to Bilal and give him first aid kit.

Radio Boy

Target: Get to the warehouse of Transport Company.

So when you move off of the power, then you will be contacted to some kid. He asks for help, because he falls to the fault in near a power plant stock. Go there after talking to him on the radio, climb over the fence. The boy says that he came to the warehouse through the roof. Climb the wagon between two buildings and use the visor get to the roof. Find a hole and drop down. Open the door and climb over the boxes to get to another part of the warehouse. Go to the scarecrow in the center and pick up a toy sword.

There will be a boy, and later - the Destroyer. At this time, the monster need to kill. Hit him with a firearm. Shoot the helmet! When the helmet is destroyed, and then shot in the head. It is the only way to kill the Destroyer. However, if you do not have bullets, do so Destroyer ran to you. You have to move sharply that the monster hit the wall. He will briefly stun. At this point, attack him with a sword, ax or other melee weapons. These items you can also split the helmet and then kill the monster.

Next you need to get to the boys. Go into the next room, where there is a corpse of a man in a red jacket. Turn over the corpse; pick up a photo of the missing and the other thing. Underneath you'll find the key - take the key and open the door next. Climb up and find yourself in the lair of the boys. Mission is accomplished - get out of here through the roof.

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