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Walkthrough side quests (mission) Sword Coast Legends

Brotherly share

"He must be ancient elven statue ... very valuable. I need it ... and my brother needs, of course "

Quest you can take at the beginning of the game, in the first camp. Quest is taken from a dwarf named Wilfred Brewer. After talking to him, it is that he has lost a brother, without which he will not go. Well, we go in search of Richard.

Brother you can find in the cave of mercenaries (which you will visit in the course of the storyline). It will be there waiting for you, Richard Brewer. Look him in the cave is not difficult. Surrounded by heaps of dead goblins, you find her brother. During the conversation with him, is that Wilfred is really necessary only elven statue.

Next you have to choose: 1 - you can kill the dwarf take away not only the statue but also a shield, which he offers to pay for his silence; 2 - you can take the shield and let him go; 3 - can it still make you give the statuette, with the need to use force or charm. In any case, you have to go back to Wilfred and report to him about the result of the job.

Less wagon

"My glorious Sarah was gone! I can not leave without her "

This job you can take at the beginning of the game, in the first camp. William Ray complains to you that he was gone, Sarah! During the conversation, it turns out that it was his horse, and without it, it will not move the wagon, and the camp soon goes on, so that the man did not stay here forever - you need to help him to find a horse.

Horse is not so easy to find. Once your caravan fighting off the mercenaries, you have access to the western part of the forest (before the fight you can not get there because your herocan not move stream). In any case, once you have fought back, and your group is replenished, you can go to the western part of the forest. Move to the end, by the way, you may encounter a mercenary-berserker, but  the battle with her is not difficult. You need to find a spider hole.

You can define it on the web and the white bones. It is located in the western side near the rocks (in any case, the right cave you can find on the map).

Hole with bones

"It looks like a cave dug a long time ago for a monster. Now, however, the ceiling and walls criss-crossing web of collecting dust and exuding the smell of mold. From the stench of the split extraction difficult for you to breathe, and with each step, to have to look like the face of the web. "

What awaits you in this place? Spiders! Many spiders! So to start better prepared properly. There were no forks in the cave will not, so the path is linear. Just go ahead, collect strange mushrooms, kills a pack of spiders and search everything that is possible. At the end of the cave you will find the very Sali - horse. After seeing the corpse of an animal, you take a "horse bridle" as proof that the horse is dead.

Boss - Giant spider

So, after you view the corpse of a horse, right behind you there is a giant spider. This monster spits and creates a cobweb in which hard to move and attack. In addition, periodically appear henchmen - small spiders. The first thing to yourself, you have to have things that relieve the negative effects. We need constantly to kill small spiders that constantly thwarted in a battle with the main monster. There is an option still leave a small spider that the party is not completely been destroyed and new small spiders do not appear again. For the rest, as usual: use skills, time treat his team and constantly beat boss. After winning do not forget to search the dead bodies, and of course, to collect the remaining mushrooms!

 Delivery mushrooms

"Mushrooms? Maybe I can find them?"

Quest is taken at the very beginning of the game. The initial camp at some Alima Meddlbruk. During the conversation, you can get to work and do the job that it has to offer.

Dog's Life

"Something's wrong here ... I'll try anything to find out"

Quest is taken from a certain Jamie, which occurs at the beginning of the game, in the first camp. There is the dog near her. Someone want to kill her dog. If you want to look into the matter, rather take the job.

Suspicious transactions

"If you look at the same time loads from another caravan, I'll pay you generously."

In his first camp, you can get acquainted with a girl named Berkins. She of race Tieflings and so has a tail and horns. So, the first conversation with her did not really have nothing to give, but after defending the caravan from the mercenaries, you can talk to her once more. Only this time, it is you have been offered a job. The very same job is what you're looking for other goods of the caravan, bring her, and she to you "generously pays" for them. Well, who refuses to gold? For his work!

Dying wish mercenary

"I have a son in Luskan ... his name Rabil."

During the inspection of the cave mercenaries, you find a wounded mercenary named Tombul and if you do not kill at once, and talk, he asks you to convey valuable statuette to his son, who lives in Luskan and constantly learning. This valuable item will allow him to live a few months. If you are not too cruel, and think that everyone is entitled to a last request, then help the dying mercenary Tombul.

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