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Walkthrough side quests Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – Port-Maje

A detailed description of all the side quests on the Port Maje

Helping Hands

The quest begins automatically after you reach Vilario's Rest

You need to inspect the surrounding area and rescue crew members. Go left to discover the ship. Irrena sits on the deck. Interact with the beam on the bow of the ship, and then climb up. Athletics did not help me, so I had to inspect the boxes and boxes scattered along the shore, and find Rope and Grappling Hook. With it, you can climb up and help Irrena (you need survival skills or strength).

Go to the right and find two more characters - a drunken sailor and a shaggy girl. Then go up to the top of the halt and talk to Chitupek if you saved him. Previously, you need to kill the boar. Also on the beach there are two souls - with one of them you can talk and pick up.

Go up and go to the right. You will find the entrance to the cave. Go there, search each corner and soon find a dwarf-boatswain. Help him get out of the trap by checking the attributes, after which the quest will end. In the upper left corner of the cave you will find a sea bat. Defeat it and find an interaction point on the left to get into the flooded tunnel. Swim it and find yourself in the far part of the cave. Go outside to Vilario's Rest and talk with one more spirit.

Restoring Order

Talk to Savia in Port Maje Jail to unlock

Go to Port Maje prison and talk with Savia, who will ask for help. Leave Port Mage Harbor and see a map of the surrounding area. Go on the Gorecci Street. In the eastern part there are two marauders, in the western part - Ilary.

Talk to the man. If there are enough attributes, you can convince him that he should help the residents of the Gorechchi street. You can also pay 40 copper for this. In fact, the amount is small.

The third option - do battle with Ilary to kill him. In both cases, upon return to Savia, you will receive the same award.

Reward: 1100 copper, 2313 experience points.

Drunk sailor

In the prison of Port Maje is a prisoner sailor named Ridzher. Talk to him and find out that he must pay a fine of 400 copper. If you want, you can pay such a sum and the sailor will immediately be free. But there is another option ...

There is the dealer Norgund on the top floor of the tavern "The Kraken's Eye". He can buy one ashen bomb for 100 copper (saving 300 copper). Having done this, you go back to the prison, but do not go inside. There is a cracked place around the corner to the right of the entrance to the wall under the window.

You can interact with it. Do this when the guard turns around the corner, then select the "Place a bomb" item. In this case the guard who patrols the territory near the prison will die, and on his body you will find a charred letter in which the daughter wishes him good luck in his new job. It turns out that you do badly, so it's better to pay 400 copper.

Reward: a new sailor for the "Defiant ".

Burning Bridges

Talk to Rinco in Rinco's House to unlock this quest.

There is the house of Rinco in Port-Maje (on the left side of the city). Go inside and talk to the man lying on the bed. Find out what happened to him, agree to help. So the task begins. Mokeha is in the HuanaVillage, north-west of Port Maje.

Just leave the harbor of Port Maje to see the map of this settlement. In the upper left corner is the Satahuzi Village. Go there and talk with Mokeha. She either walks along the beach, or is in her house in the upper right corner. She will tell you the truth, and you will have to decide what to do. Just ask her to return the purse with the money, without an apology.


Return to the harbor and talk to Rinco. Either just return the purse, or say that Rinco must tell the truth about everything.

Reward: 4860 experience and Rinco's purse (if you told that he should confess to Darmo) or 1000 copper (if given the purse of Rinco). There are 2000 copper and Rinco's earring in the purse.


The Better Man

Go to the tavern " The Kraken's Eye" in the territory of Port Maje. Talk to Thorel, the owner, who lives on the first floor. Climb up and open the farthest room with the key that Thorel gave you. Talk to Captain Galian, who decides to attack you. If the character has enough strength (13 units), then just take a hit, then ask "Are you all?". Galian orders his boys to leave the tavern.

Go down and tell to Thorel about Galian and his team. So you get the reward and the opportunity to rent a room in the tavern.

Reward: 1200 copper.

Skeleton Crew

You will find most of the sailors on the shore. Another you can get if you pass the quest "Drunken Sailor" and free the prisoner from the prison of Port Maje. If still there are not enough sailors (you didn’t save at Chitupec at the beginning of the game), then you can hire someone in the tavern.

Reward: 2024 points of experience.

Basic Provisions

Just go to Port Maje and buy 50 pieces of shells, medicines and repair resources.

Reward: 1130 experience points.


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