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Walkthrough Silence

Watch the introductory video.
Talk with Reni. Take three balls right of Reni, near the donkey, and then apply them to Renee. Then take the head of a donkey and talk with Renee. Next you need a warm. Use green sock on a piece of wood on left. Now you need a crown. Take the lampshade. Next thing is mirror sphere. Take the lamp that was hidden under the shade. Finally, when you need the mirror, you can open the door of a wooden cabinet and interact with a mirror.
After the explosion, move concrete slab. Hold down the left mouse button and slowly (but not too slowly) move to right as indicated by the arrow at the cursor. Lift the concrete slab around the TV and pick up the green sock. Tap a few times on TV and the light is turned. Pick up the hammer on left and hit by it on TV. Get out through the doorway on right.
Drop down on the umbrella, but it will sink. Go down at his watch in the water. Move to the Globe. Use the mouse to circle is on the scale. So you will not fall. Pull the left armor in a big pot. Climb to the planetary gear, on which is the armor. Then you need to move to the track and follow outside through the passage.
In a silent world you need to hide. It will be necessary to follow the new friend.

to be continued

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