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Walkthrough 2

Walkthrough SOMA


Simon's apartment

See introductory video.  Click the left mouse button to interact with any other material. Answer the call on the mobile phone. After this control will go completely into your hands. Use a standard set of keys - W, S, A, and D to move around the room. So, study the apartment. You can turn on the light use the switch on the wall. In various drawers and bedside tables are magazines, photographs, postcards, and other notes. Look at them, if you're interested.

Listen to the message on the answering machine, and then read the email on your computer. Send a letter of "Draft". Then go to the door of the apartment where the kitchen is located. , find a cure protagonist in the cabinet on the wall over the kitchen table. By the way, it also can be hidden in a locker located in the bathroom.


Drink a medicine by clicking the left mouse button. Incidentally, in the top drawer of the table, on which stands a laptop, there is a note from the newspaper, which talks about what happened to the main character.

When you drink the medicine, then go to the door, take a bunch of keys to the left of the plate (optional, but it is possible to do this) and leave the apartment.


The metro answer Jesse call, you were sent a letter from the "Draft". After talking with him, wait until Simon will be in the hospital.


Once you are in a hospital, look around. You can push the curtains on the windows, and you can turn on the light. There is the reception desk in front of the left. Go for it and go into the laptop positioned on a table. Open letter "Everything is locked." It pointed out that the passwords were changed in the laboratory. New passwords are stored somewhere on the piece of paper.

Come near to the door and try to open it. Simon would get the phone automatically and you will only have to press the CALL button to contact Dr. Munshi. Unfortunately, his phone is turned off, so the access code to the laboratory must be sought independently. Return of the reception desk and open the top drawer. There should be based notebook. You can look at it and see the bottom of the four-digit code, circled column in the rectangular frame. In my case the code was 2501. Changes or not, it has not been verified. Enter the code 2501 in the left pane of the door.

If the code is entered correctly, you will hear a signal. Open the door on yourself and go to the corridor. The next destination - the door at the opposite end. Come and discover it. Go to the room where is Dr. Munshi. Talk to him a few times, and after that, you're ready to plunge into the world of horror, sit in a chair in the middle.

06 Watch the cut-scene.

Station "Epsilon"

The first compartment

As soon as the main character wakes up, then get up from his chair and go to the red lights ahead on the left. Pull the switch to turn on the light. Inspect the room, then grab a fire extinguisher and throw it in the cracked window on the left of the door. Climb into the hall through a window aperture and open the door from this side to you can freely return to the original premise.

If you go to the right of the door, standing to face her, you are rested into the grate with a lock. Go to the other side. At the fork go forward a little and look at the door on the right leading to the hangar (MACHINE HANGAR). Remove the lock and press the yellow on the left of the door. Initially, the red button, as in the case with the original location.

Go inside the hangar, move to the end, where the hanging robot. Click on it to listen to the memory. When you hear a loud noise, then stay in this room. Wait until the creature subside. Go back into the corridor. As you can see, the door broken in. However, now open passage to the right, but you're not in a hurry to go there.

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