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Walkthrough Song of the Deep

Walkthrough Song of the Deep

Glowkelp Forest

After the introductory movie, you will find yourself on a submarine. Use the keyboard and mouse. Hold W button to start the engine and move around. Move the mouse to choose the direction of movement.


Swim to the left side through the algae, then go down the stream. Collect silver coins on the way, which are more useful to you. Below there are the locked metal gate with a magnet. Now you can’t open it. Swim to the right and you will see a wooden barrier.


You can go diagonally right and up. There are tunnels. You can go across the bottom and top. Go on top; choose moments to not fall on the top stream. You will see some details on the right. Swim up to it and see on the sea horse.


Go up and see behind the rock open pearl in the shell. You can swim through the rock and take it away. You get coins.



If you swim left on top, then again you will need to avoid the stream. But you can take a gold coin. And swim to the right and down from the place where there was sea horse. As you go down the stream below and find the magnetic canine.

Follow the left and open the door with a magnet. You need aim the submarine and shoot by the canine magnetic in magnet by clicking the left mouse button. Now swim in the opposite direction to raise the barrier.


Swim ahead and see strange creatures. They will approach you and attack by the electric charge. You can destroy them. Use the same magnetic canine. You need to hit twice.

Open a gate to the left by the magnet. Kill the two enemies, and notice that the top pass is blocked by a wooden partition with thick metal plates. Destroy it. Use the magnetic canine.

Downstairs there is a red zone and a round red ball. This is a bomb. Grab a magnetic bomb by canine and go up. Then go away a little to the right, turn to the left and click on the left mouse button to throw a bomb at the side of the thick walls. The explosion will destroy the wall, you can swim on.

By the way, before you could see the yellow area - this is checkpoint. If you die, you will start at the next checkpoint:


Please note that the bomb explodes a few seconds after you catch it. We must act quickly

Boss Sleeping guard

After the next checkpoint you swim out into open water. You will see a huge mechanical head. Swim to it. Red bombs are flown in you. Just take them by the magnetic canine and throw towards mechanical head. After the 3-5 success hits the boss is destroyed.


Do not hurry to go inside the destroyed ship. Follow up and to the right. There is a stone statue. Swim to the right of it and get 3 gold coins.

Go back and swim inside the ship. Move down. You move to a new location.

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