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Walkthrough Soulless: Ray Of Hope

Walkthrough Soulless: Ray Of Hope

Act 1

Use the keys W, S, A, D to move.

Climb up onto the bed, then - on the left shelf and then - on the right shelf. After the cellar is opened, jump back behind the glowing object. Go to right, jump on emerging platforms. Interact with the cell to release the creature (optional).

Jump higher still and wait for the platform to rise up. Jump on the other platform and pull the lever at the top to climb even higher.

Soon you will have wings. Jump to right and press the SPACE key again to fly. Take cube the other side of the bridge and jump from it to right. Place a cube on the button at the ground to open the passage. Jump forward and fly to right to object. There you can find the white page - collection note.

Stand on the bottom button, avoid spikes on left. Wait until the bridge is put forward. Quickly run to right and jump to the edge of the bridge, and then use their wings to fly over the gulf.

At the top there is the cube with the spikes. Do you see? Carefully stand under it and run away again. Cube is fallen down. Take the cube. Next will be a difficult episode. Stand on stage with cube. There are spikes to the right side. You need to jump to right, close and then let the cube (press E), and only after press SPACE, to get back on stage by the wings. So you can throw a cube of about 1-2 meters ahead. After jump on the cube from the platform, the run-up and jump to right and hold SPACE to fly.

Run up the hill, when suddenly an earthquake is began. Escape back and hide from the bottom to avoid the huge cobblestone. Rise up. Pitch small stone. You have to jump back and use the wings to avoid a collision with him.

Upstairs there are four buttons and a locked gate on right. We need to jump on the buttons in a certain order. If you jumped correctly, then the three light bulbs under the button is changed color. If jumped correctly, the lamp lights up in red next to the gate on right. Number left to right of the "1" to "4". Jump as follows: 1, 3, 2, 4. The gate will open.

There are saws next cut. Pick up the cube and run to right, into the corner. The saw can’t reach you. Put the cube on the ground a little farther from the corner, otherwise it will disappear. Climb to the ledge to right with cube and then jump to the platform to left. Jump further and don’t forget about the saw. Stand on the platform with the lever, activate it so that the upstairs, avoid three different saws.

Upstairs you need jump to the wooden ledge to left. Climb higher, where two vertical saws are. So you can get to the second cell and save the creature. Follow right and talk to the creature, like a king.

Follow on. At this stage, it will land with a river at the bottom. There are three levers and one button - the lever and the button at the top and the bottom two buttons on the different sides of the pond. Activate the lever on the bottom left to start the raft. It will move to right. Rise up and quickly run to the lever on top. When the raft will be on you, pull it out. Cube fall not into the water, and in the passing raft. Go to right and wait for the raft to the shore. Take the cube and go with it to the top. Set it on a button to open a passage further.

Go to right, jump on the platforms, avoid the rotating blades. As a result, you will see a red light, which will drag our hero out of this world.

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