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Walkthrough Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl

Walkthrough Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl

Communicate with Sidorovich. If you select "beginner", then he will tell you a lot of useful information (in case you did not know about it). The information will appear on the PDA.

Sidorovich can to give you mission of two different categories: regular work and special mission. The second is connected with the plot line.

Take the information from the scout

The stalker, nicknamed Nimble went to Sidorovich with the information you need, but eventually he disappeared. You must communicate with Wolf in the neighboring village. Open the PDA, select the desired task and see where to move. The village is located in front. If you see gray points on the map, then you know – it is the corpses of stalkers. Yellow marks are living stalkers that refer to you neutrally, green are friendly, and red are opponents. Wolf say you that Nimble was captured. You together with a group of stalkers will free him.

Take the ammunition and talk to the stalkers that moved closer to the desired point. Move best along the road. There will be a base with serious military men in the right side. There are stalkers on the roadside and one of them - dead. Another is wounded. You can give him a first aid kit, which you will find on the body of a stalker.

Go to Petruha and tell him how you want to act - alone or in a group. If you complete the task alone, you will get an additional habar from the Wolf. But if you go along with the group, then, first, make it easier for yourself, and, secondly, get the medusa.

Bandits on the base are not so many. Hide in cover and if necessary use bandages and first-aid kits with the help of shortcut keys. One of the enemies is armed with a shotgun. Take it after killing the enemy. When the camp is cleaned, try to find Nimble. It will be hidden in the back of the red building, consisting of two tiers. Communicate with Nimble and take the USB flash drive. Find out information about bandits at the mill. So there will be a task related to finding a special jacket.

Find the item (jacket)

You can complete this quest almost immediately. Open the PDA and select it. You need go up the slope, along the road, move from the base where Nimble was. It is likely that on the way you will meet mutants. At the end of the road there will be an entrance to the tunnel. There is that very jacket on the floor. This jacket will have to be taken to the village to the Wolf. Give the jacket to Nimble to get the artifact. After that you can visit the mill.


The mill will not have any serious opponents. Find the  corpse. If there is information about the hiding place on the roof, then climb it and crawl in the right direction. In the corner of this building, where the corpse was dead, you can find a bandit jacket, next to the boxes.

Go back; look at the Wolf to get a reward. You can get an additional quest from the Wolf. Go to Sidorovich in the bunker, give the flash drive. Take the deserved reward.

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