Walkthrough 4

Walkthrough Stasis

Go left to the gate. Click on them. They will be opened. We pass into another room and go into the hall with the fans. We reach the end and go into another room. We pass to the unloading dock and read the information. Pass into the next compartment right above. Pass throught lullabies and beds, we get to the hospital.


Near beds find electrical shield. Click on it. Include extreme button to the right and then the extreme left. So we are connected to the network, and then turn on the scanner DOC MATE. Exit approach and go to open the scanner scanned. Then, go to the console and pick up the first aid kit. It is necessary to use the medicine. Open the menu items at the bottom left and combine syringe with medicine. The resulting injection leads to John and press LMB (left mouse button). Watch the cut-scene.

Then we come back to the shield. To cut down everything you need press another button from any of the two. Then re-connect network and press the button to the left of the extreme right. So turn on the robot surgeon. We approach it and pick up a drill. Go back to the room with the unloading dock. We approach the gate with a red light. It is jammed. We pass down the left and go into the corridor, where else were not. We pass into the room with a loader. We see here the door with the red light, as well as a lift. We pass into the blue door, get into the new premises.

We investigate all active points and go to the passage to the right. We fall into the toilet. We investigate all toilets. One of them will pick up dirty towels. We go back and approach the computer on the left. Open the “Security Warehouse production” and click there on all the lines. Under fire boxes pick up a piece of glass. Now back to the room with the truck and we see that the gate opened. We pass back and get into the room with a red valve. In just a few attempts to be able to rotate. We pass into the room on the left, where we read a note next to the gate on the right. Match to the average tank with liquid and apply the drill. Go back to the loader, we see that the lift is now available. Push the button on top of the second panel.

Serv. Lobby 1. The reading panel

We leave the hall and go to the end. We see the bodies in bags. We open all the bags, and then examine the bodies. Choose an electronic tag. We pass to the green bar, but go no further work. We go to the elevator and go down to the floor below.

Serv. Lobby 2. Trolley

Go right down the hall to another room. We see the corpse, examined him. We pass into the opened gates. We speak to the girl, and then pass to the trolley. We need to fix it. We rise up to the terminal. We examine it. On either side of the green panels have shields, but they were not open. Go back to the corpse. Apply a piece of glass, hand-picked from the fire box and apply it to the corpse. So cut off his hand. Now I understand why, go up to the floor above, and apply a hand Yury Lyavonau to mounting panel.

Serv. Lobby 1. Morgue

Apply a wet towel to the oven, and then the electronic tag, picked up from the corpse before. Quickly run out of the morgue. Again, we go to the morgue and inspect the corpses, pick up a crowbar from the skull. We get down to the floor below.


We ran to the guard and use a crowbar to them. Pick up the fuse from the left panel and paste it to the right. Open the console and hit to charge truck. After charging, return the fuse in the former position. Then open the console and switch line. Go to the cart and go right to the console. Press the green button.

Tank with mutants

We select signal tape and go into the passage. We examine the toolbox and open the gate on the left. We fall into an damn place. Nearby there is a generator and support. Rasp support a drill, and then prop it crowbar. She falls. It is necessary to apply electricity to this support. So combine picked up a tape with a crowbar. Then apply the piece on the body in a yellow suit. So we got the keys to the toolbox. Take off his cigarette lighter and run the generator. We connect it, and then push the protruding wires. Match generator and click on it. Go through the muck and come to the top of the cross beam. Apply it with a crowbar our rope and climb up. Climb the stairs and go through the room until you get back to Thea. We reach the place with the scanner DNA. Take the syringe and put things in the inventory itself. We collect the blood, and then use the syringe to the scanner. Then come to the frosted glass, then it will hit any creature, we fled. We speak to Thea, after which you can access right. To pass, and then down to the right. If you come to the console and open its doors, it will perish. So we go into the passage below.

We fall into the corridor with two doors. We examine the room. In the second room in the bedside drawer take the sheets. We run to the first room and apply to the passage of the sheet on the floor.

We fall into the water. We go through the water up and to the left, until we reach the room with music. We examine the corpses. On the table, pick up the cue. We approach the hologram and apply it to the drill. Take the projector. We use a cue to the tobacco box, take the lighter.

Go back to where down the sheets. We go down to the right. We pass on to the pipe on the stairs. We reach the places with methane floating tank. Go to the console and is set as follows.

Pump water, then run to the flow of methane at the bottom. Set lighter and climb the stairs. We ran to the area and apply a lighter cue. Now we go through the elevator shaft. We fall into the familiar place. Go to the left and go down the hallway. We reach the place with two doors, illuminated blue. We pass to the left. Take the projector and leads to a motion sensor. Then, we go to the console to the left and activate the motion sensor, and open the door.

In this room, come to console atmospheric control and purify the atmosphere. Now run back to the elevator shaft. Now we can safely open the door to the right of the console.

We went into the corridor and turn left, go in the room transport the samples. We go to the console and see that it is necessary to specify certain characters. Analyzing all containers. Exit the room and go through the room with a trolley. Here we find the honey container. center. Remember the combination stand and go to the console.

Machine guns

Exit approach and sit down in the container. Go into the room with machine guns. Carefully go around the gun and come to the soda machine. Take a jar of Coca Cola. Then move the machine to the center. One of the guns fail. We go to it place and went down. Pick up the gun and then pour a jar of cola on the management console machine gun. We rise up. Behind where it stood automatic, select hanging wire. We pick up the gun and shoot at the glass doors. We pass on.

In the next room, pick up the body, which are located near the right side of the notebook.

Go to the passage at the bottom right of the screen. We fall into a room with a protective suit. We select the oxygen tank. We see the force field, we go back down to the right of the screen. We fall into the surgery. On the surgical tray, select the personal chip. We come to the table with bottles of different colors. Click on anesthesia cryocapsule. Combines the inventory tank with a wire. Attach the case to the oxygen capsule on the table. We take the remains of the body and put on a surgical tray. We continue to apply to these remains pistol. The resulting organics inserted into the leftmost capsule. Now run back to the room with the elevator (where we picked up the remains of the body). There is a passage at the bottom left. We go out there and get into the room with the console. Apply to the seat previously selected personal chip and open the console, remove the force field. We pass into the space previously closed by a force field. We examine the stasis capsule.

We pass into the room directly. Pick up on the floor of the chip, insert it into a broken stasis terminal. We expose everything as in the image.

Freed man, but soon die. Take stasis container and type in a liquid from the capsule, it is next to the corpse. Back in surgery, and apply to the remaining dialed container capsule. To throw off the dead body and lie down yourself.


First, consistently push the strings that are red. Next, we need to click on the correct point of the chip on the screen. Tip on a green background on the left. Go back to the elevator and go down until you get stuck in a thicket.

A huge insect

We examine the room and come to the uterus. Wait the right moment and pull out her claw. We run to the left to amber and apply it to the claw. So in our inventory will be wood tar. Through the terminal activate the pumping of milk, and then select it from the table. We ran into another room and put lotion on the platform of the evaporator. We run to the screen and select a plate, combine it with the resin. The resulting patch sticking to the cracked glass evaporator. Activate the evaporator through the terminal. Pick up the resulting pheromone.

We run into the intermediate room to the elevator and go down. We fall into the room with bugs. We take our pheromone throw the fan, and then open the oxygen tanks. Go ahead and approach the corpse, twining vines. Pick up flares, go even further. We approach the disfigured man who asks to kill him. Applied to it and the rocket will run automatically in the room with the evaporators. Then we sit down in the elevator.


Upon arrival, we select the right tool and enter the passage below. Quickly moved into the upper corridor, so we did not shoot the robot, enters the room with a pregnant woman. Approach to each, and then take the right side of the defibrillator. Also, pick up the dressing. We leave into the corridor and apply a bandage to the sink. So spilled water. When the robot steal up close apply to spilled water defibrillator. Match robot and take a piece of bent metal. Go to the mutagenic laboratory. We investigate everything and take the canister of liquid nitrogen at the bottom right. We leave in the intermediate room and climb on the platform. Set the closed door canister with nitrogen and then apply it on the hot gun.

We go into the room and pick up the left glue, examine the next room. Now back to the lab mutagenic. Apply glue to the power element. Then apply a bent piece of metal in it. Now the key is applied to the load-bearing elements, to get it. We pass through the rooms and collect two more batteries. Then run the operating with a laser, where we talked with the evil doctor. We put in all three cell battery, so turn on the laser. Click on the laser several times, it will spread all around and make us pass.

Follow more to the right and find yourself in a corridor with three doors. The door on the right blocks red laser grid. Go to the top of the door and be sure to click on one of the three viewing windows. You should see a huge number of corpses in the room. Now go through the door at the bottom. The room is a few cells from the dead creatures. Examine the cells in the upper left corner of the screen. You must click on a certain cell in which the creature stirred. After that, feel free to return to the corridor. If you look around the room I was on the top and placing the cells below, then start the cut-scene and will be Dr. Malan.

After the cut-scene of the glass you see Rebecca. Knock on the glass a few times until you start the next cut-scene with the monster. After a terrible picture break the glass on the floor and pick up the bloody teddy bear. From the table on the left, where the DNA scanner, take a chip of John. When that will have you and when Thea tells what to do next, put the teddy bear on the DNA scanner to find out where Helen, wife of John. After a few seconds to open a hole for the waste. Make your way through this hole.

In the new room, drop down by clicking on the bridge below (click at the point where the cursor with a red exclamation mark). Tay will report that Helen is in a military unit. Click on a corpse in a yellow chemical protection suits, and then from under the feet pick up gloves. In the right part of the space from above flows acid. Apply a protective glove on acid and get a glove with an acid. This glove, or rather the acid inside the gloves, apply the metal grille (there are three) in the middle area. We climb through the hole and climb higher. In the inventory you will have melted protective gloves.

At the top of the pile on the left locate the prosthetic hand. Below sparkle distribution panels. In inventory, combine the melted protective gloves and prosthetic arm, and then paste it in the switchboard. If not combined with a prosthetic rubber glove, then John will kill the electric current. Next door to the top starts to open and close. To the right of the door there is mechanical teeth gears. Wander around the room, being mainly in the center. Top should fall victim hybrid. Hit it, then click on the hybrid again, to get the inside of the hybrid. These internal throw in mechanical gears on the right of opening and closing the door. Door finally engages in the open position.

Go through it to new premises. Activate the computer terminal in the upper left corner, and then select “Open capsule technical compartment.” Get in the Service Module and offers to choose the place where you want to move. Select the area dumping.

Province dumping

You seem in some hive. Take the transition to the upper left corner of the screen. Go to yellow loader and remove the plasma cutter. Look closer and pull the truck out of the window strength member. Go back to the capsule, sit in the Service Module and follow back to the back room to clean, how do you come here.

Utility room cleaning

Stand on a power member arranged on the floor, after which the plasma torch to apply refrigerating compartment right. The chamber will drop dead man. Click on a frozen corpse, and then pick up the eyeball. When the eyeball is with you, we go back to the service module and go to the lowest point, where you have not been – the expansion of the center work with visitors.

Expansion of the center work with visitors

On the left is a huge bulldozer. In the right part there is an open bar. Apply on the panel, without going into the approach, eyeball, dragged out from a frozen corpse. Open the protective unit. There also apply a force element. Bulldozer work. Click on the bulldozer with a charged battery. Watch the cut-scene in which John breaks into the center visit.

Can you to click on different models to listen to tourist information. Double move to the left, past the lifeboats nurse up. Take the passage to the right of the gateway. Pass and through the gateway itself. Malan holds hostage Thea. When talking with the villain is complete, select the inventory plasma cutter and shoot in the right parts of the character (to the left of John). After the cut scenes and dialogue with Thea Hensli crawled toward the quantum drive in the middle of a huge window on the floor. Take the quantum drive, and then select the chip inventory John and cast him into Thea Hensli. Click on the capsule to Helen and see the final video game.



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