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Walkthrough Stories: The Path of Destinies

Walkthrough the game Stories: The Path of Destinies. You need a keyboard with a mouse or joystick to control. We use the first method. Watch the introductory video.

Goal. Help Peter.

Move forward after Rabbit Peter, who has a secret book. Hold down the right mouse button and move the cursor in the direction when need move your character (fox Renard). In fact for the game you need only mouse. When you see the first two crows, then kill them by clicking on them left mouse button. This is attack button. There will be four more opponents. Attack any opponent, but be careful: when one of the enemies attacks you and waves, then you will see tip above it. At this point, you must switch to it to hold the counter attack.

Follow in the direction where there were recent crows. Soon you will learn a new action. If you see that the enemy is one, then hover over it and hold down the left mouse button. Your character will run up and grab crow. Aim the cursor and loosen the left mouse button to drop the crow. In this case, you can drop the crows from the bridge.

Go ahead and run into a closed gate. So far, you cannot open them. Turn left on them, into the screen. On the table, which is the sword, the weapon can be produced (or improve existing ones). Go to the workbench and click the left mouse button when prompted. Choose weapons and improve it by one level. Pre-need to open the chest, standing next to - on the same left mouse button while standing close to him. In the chest you will find the ore, necessary for the improvement of weapons. If you will collect ore and manage the benches, you can improve your weapons. For example, in the workbench menu after the first improvement can read that on the second level of the sword will be a little treat its owner.

Go back to the gates and open them by clicking the left mouse button. You open them by the sword. Follow ahead, before the cliff. Renard cannot jump over it. Kill the Crow. Next on the location, you will see the altar. Walk up to it and collaborate. The altars are designed to improve your character. Increase the level and you will get skill points. Now you have the skill points and you need spend it on a skill of the hook. Do this, aim at a post on the other side and press the ALT. You can attract to the poles by hook, break the cliffs. Follow on and see how on Peter. Hide from view the Flying Eye. Get up behind him and kill him. Get to the ship. In this introductory part of the game is completed.


You will be given a choice - to go to the rescue of Lapino or follow the prompts that will create Neborez. I chose the first option.

Chapter 1. Season the rabbit

Go forward. Nearby stands the bench, but you need 30 ore. You can find a chest on the left side of the bench, in an alley. Inside there are 3 pieces of ore. Go until you see the glowing tile. Stand on it - it is a flying platform. Wait, when Reynard land. After this you can split two wooden boxes. In these boxes is nothing, but in the other - can be. Thus, if you see these wooden objects, then crush them. Go to the bottom and to the right, past the altar (as long as your level is not increased). You can find a chest with 5 pieces of ore to the right near the embers,.

Open the gate nearby. Continue go and kill crows. Try to do this consistently and without interruption. If the crows are far away, then you draw them by hook. Way is one - but there are two paths around the rotating wooden wheel. Take the left and go down the path still left to find a chest.

When you see the next altar, your level will be upgraded. It will be one skill - jerk. For jerk just look in the direction you want to do it, and press the CTRL key. Defeat crows and open these gates. You can find a pumpkin in the barrels and wooden boxes - they correct the level of your health. One pumpkin is 10 points of health.

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