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Walkthrough Styx Shards of Darkness

Walkthrough Styx Shards of Darkness


The game begins with a prologue. Here you will learn about management.

Learn how to use your inventory and choose available items. Sneak up to the enemy and press LMB or hold it to kill. Click - an ordinary murder, pinch LMB - kill silently.

Press the "1" key to create a clone. At the top you will see clues (how to manage the clone). The Styx clone does everything that the character does.

Learn the craft. A table for crafting you will find in one of the buildings, which is guarded by two chatting opponents.

You must move from hut to hut and collect a total of 8 posters. The video above shows where to go to search for posters.

Go to the markers during the prologue and kill the enemies. Follow the room with the documents and you need to poison the food in the room to kill the enemy. You can hide the body in the chest of the next room. Steal the documents and leave the room.

Move up until you go to the marker. It's a tavern. If you follow the path upwards, then you will enter the corridor of the tavern. There are two talking enemies. They are blocking the path. Wait until they finish the conversation, and then go up higher, or kill them individually and hide the bodies.

Climb up and go outside. Steal past two patrolmen to get to the tavern. Inside there will be loot and a few more guards. You can kill them, it's not difficult. You need time and patience to get a goblin poster, because there are three enemies in the room.

Wait and kill the enemy moving around the table. Then, kill the sleeping guard, and then - third. When you steal all things and take the posters, you can leave this place in a balloon.


When you return to the shelter of Styx, you can change your gear, craft new equipment and go through old missions. Then, you can leave the shelter and start the next task.

Captain Healdrin will have a mission for Styx. You need to get on board an airship flying over the city.

Use the roofs to get close to the ship. Remove the posters on the way. When you reach the section where the guards are standing around the perimeter of the door through which you need to pass, wait until they stop and get on patrol, and then sneak up to the open door. You can also distract them from the other side of the door by throwing an object, and then go through the door.

You need to distract the guards in the port to get on the airship. The best way to do this is to throw the object at the other end of the box, and then climb the pulley and jump onto the box while the guards check the source of the noise.

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