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Walkthrough Superhot

First of all, it is necessary to deal with the game mechanics. The game is special in that time only goes in if your character moves. If you aim, that time not goes. But as soon as you move forward, sideways or backward by using the keys W, S, A, D, the time starts to go and enemies close to you, and shoot at you.

Level 1: KICK

Go forward and turn left in the hall. Kill the two enemies. After the successful assassination of the two enemies you can see repeat or exit by pressing the Esc key. Restart the file superhot.exe.

Level 2: ALLEY

Approach the car trunk and take the gun by clicking the left mouse button. Kill the first two opponents without weapons, and then another one and the same enemy with a gun.

Level 3: CORIDOR

Move forward towards the two enemies with guns. Note that the enemy will shoot at you constantly, and the flight path of the bullets will not always be correct. Pick up the gun from the floor and kill the two enemies at a time.

Level 4: DROP

At the beginning of the level, click on the right mouse button to throw your weapon at the enemy. Hit him with his fist, click the left mouse button. Grab a flying gun and finish with a headshot. Kill one enemy with a gun. There will be three more enemies - two pistols and one unarmed. After killing all you come to the end of the fourth level.

Level 5: SUBWAY

Throw the gun at the enemy first, and gradually kill the enemies one by one. Remember that the gun may run out of ammo. Then throw the gun into the nearest enemy, run up to him and attack with his fists.

Level 6: JUMP

First, jump over a moving car in your party by clicking on the SPACE key. Immediately run up to the enemy with a gun and hit him in the face. Grab a gun and kill the enemy. The next enemy will appear from the same machine, through which you jumped. Then the enemy will come from a nearby corridor. More about 4-5 enemies will run your way to another part of the parking lot.

Level 7: SHOTS

Pick up a cup and throw it at the enemy. Grab a gun and kill him. Just look to the right to see another enemy. The rest of the enemies will appear at a time and one of the other doors on the sides of the bar. All the gangs will pistols.

Level 9: Dogfight

So, now you will have to fight enemies in melee combat. First, attack the enemy without bits at the fence, behind which there are more enemies. Hit him a couple of times. Turn around and see what the enemy ran up to you. Beat each. I do not advise take the bit because you need more time. Yes, it kills the first hit, but as long as you beat one enemy, you can attack other opponents.

That's when you kill at least two of the four enemies on the enclosed area; than you can use a bat. Next, open the fence and you will run four more opponents. You can throw the bat, which is in your hands. Note it kill the enemy but breaks. But if you throw a bit of the enemy on the other bat in any case be able to grab the remaining weapons. Kill enemies to complete the level.

Level 10: Raise Rates (Shotgun)

You need attack enemy in the toilet. Soon another opponent will run - and kill him. Pick up the glass bottle around the toilet outlet. Take the toilet without taking his eyes off the exit. Very soon the enemy with a gun appears. Throw in a bottle and it is desirable to finish off his fists.

Then pick up a gun and shoot three enemies that will run to you. There are two enemies with pistols and one enemy with a shotgun. Shotgun fires several bullets (shot), patterning of the shot far not ideal. So you can easily avoid. Kill the enemy at the bar. If you still have bullets in the gun, it would be ideal to shoot at the enemy's head. If there is no ammunition, try to throw in a gun or to pick up a shotgun and shoot him from a distance.

The level 11: BREAK


So first, throw the bat at the enemy. Pick up a gun and kill out of it as much as possible opponents. When ammo runs out, then throw the gun into the nearest enemy. Around on the tables there are a lot of useful items that you can pick up and throw at enemies. Kill by saber with one swing, but if you throw it at an enemy, it will be destroyed (but kill him). In the end there will be an enemy with a shotgun, which it is desired to kill with a pistol or saber throw.

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