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Walkthrough Sword Coast Legends

Walkthrogh the Sword Coast Legends

"Do not let the horses trot and not look at the road signs. Everyone should continue its way through the wild lands, or else risk losing yourself "- Gareth Zaherod. 1391.

Night tract. Prologue

Click anywhere on the map the left mouse button to move to this place. Job History is on the right and it displays the names of current jobs, and all current or completed tasks. If you missed something, the tabs in the lower left corner of the open chat log, history and fight.

Rotate the camera by moving the mouse left and right while holding the right mouse button to get a better look neighborhood. Approach the camera with the mouse wheel. Hold down the ALT key to highlight all interactive objects nearby. Click on items like the chest give the order to go to the object and automatically interact with it.

Exit the room and go down the hall to the right. Open the chest and take out all the items. Press the I, to open inventory. Double click on the armor and weapons of pants to wear them. Kill the two enemies and go left to go down the stairs to the main hall.

Talk to your allies and defeat all the enemies. There is a ritual brazier in the room on the left at the top, but it is empty. In the last room in the lower left corner find the chest. Open it and get the skull. Skull place on ritual brazier. At the top left you will see the cellar hatch. Open it and go down to the dungeon.


Move through the dungeon, talk to the dwarf. Go on, kill enemies. Open your own coffers. If they will quest item, article about this will be indicated. Go to the fiery eyes on the ground and watch the cut-scene.

Large tract


Move forward along the path. On the map you can see the purple icons - is the characters, give out additional quests. If you want, you can take them. Drive straight, never turn, you  meet Bellamy near the bridge. Talk to him, defeat the bandits. Go back to the caravan where you will have to wait three warrior. Talk to them and defeat the enemies. Agree to go further. Quest completed.

After them

Move to the right on the map. The cave entrance is located in the lower right corner of the map. There still needs to be three mercenaries. Kill them and enter the cave mercenaries.

Cave mercenaries


Move the cave. At the top is to be the commander. Kill him and get the key. At the top left, where there are two doors (left and up), you can perform an additional task that could give one of the members of the caravan. Go left and see Richard. Talk to him and try to convince them that you can not steal.

Go through the top of the door, kill enemies and watch the cut-scene. Then you can agree with one or the other character. Follow Bellamy, talk with the magician. Select the squad. Exit the cave the stairs on the left.

Go forward until the left and right will not pass. Go left (up) and see a locked gate. Please note that on both sides of the gate has a square wooden plate with green circles. As one character stand up to them. The third character move back and break the table on the hill on the left to see the third plate. Stand on it and will pass. Now, all the characters enter the room and defeat the goblins. Talk to saved man and go back. Go to the right.

Find a room where is the stolen items of caravan (in the chest). Follow the cave to the place where the fight with the leader of the assassins. Use all the skills that you have. On the key "Space" you can stop the clock and give the members of the squad of the team.

Defeat him and decide what to do with it. In this walkthrogh the enemy was killed. Collect all that is in the cave. From the table to take away the torture mercenary contract. Because of this will pass back to the Big tract.

Large tract

Go to the right and hit the wheel with a rope, which is responsible for the locked gate. Go down, turn side quests that you had to perform. Also talk with Dzharhildom to complete the main mission. Go through the gate on the right side.

Restless sleep

Follow the location, until you meet Tasilisa. Talk to him.

Camp travelers

Penetration into the city

Talk to characters and go to the active point at the bottom right to go to the world map. Go to Luskan, the right of the goal.

Act I

City gate

Penetration into the city - Part 1

"The gates of Luskan are closed today. The city can go who have a special pass. Near the gate there is a small camp, where refugees, travelers and mercenaries are waiting for permission to enter the city. Walls Luskan hardly protect them from the harsh northern winter and hunger. "

After downloading, you and your friends find yourself in the forest, which is located near the campground. Your new task: "enter to the city." Your first sub-task: "Talk to the head of the caravan." Go to Tollin (chief of the caravan, which you guard). After talking with him and get the money for the work, your new sub-task: "Inspect the gates of Luskan." Go to the huge gate, near which there is a crowd of people.

Near the gate, you see the guards which try to punish girl. Of course, you can prevent their stupid amateur. In any case, talk to Bosanom Taddokom, do you know that inside you could not get there, but if you take advantage of the charm or force he agree to give you the key from the sewage system, through which you can get in the city. Then appear subtask "Meet Bosanom Taddokom in a cave." But what is most interesting sub-task, "Find a way to get into Luskan" - not lost.

The fact that Bosan initially decided to make you an ambush. Everything goes smoothly and is very suspicious. It will give you a fake key and at the exit of the cave you will meet guards. You need kill them, and you need find another way to get inside.

I suggest you look at the gate Berkins. For the key to the sewage system, she asks that you give the pass her friend (which is not too far away).

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