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Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Syberia 3

Walkthrough Syberia 3

Hospital of Zamyatin

How to get out of the hospital ward?

After the introductory video you can chat with the guy in the hospital chair. Now you need to leave the room. Go to the right, on the balcony, there is no sense, so immediately go to the door on the left side of the screen. Use the W, S, A, D keys to move around. Move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen to view the invisible parts of the room. Look at the door, and then the red button to right. The call does not work.

While in proximity mode, move the mouse cursor to the right side of the screen to see what's on the side. This is a scheme.

But without opening the box, it will not be possible to repair the call. We need a tool.

Go to the table in the center of the room, on which there is a bowl of soup. Look at it and take the knife. Go back to the call and open the inventory. Choose knife instead of a heart of Oscar, and then click on the bolt. Move the mouse by holding the LMB in a circular motion in a counter-clockwise direction. Open the box and inspect the contents.

Pick up the green wire and do not release the LMB, move it to the hole in the upper right part.

Next, pick up a cylindrical object from which the red and green wires come out, and do not release the LMC, move it down. Close the lid; interact with the part in which the cylindrical object was immersed. Click on the red button to leave the room.

How to find a doctor?

Look around in the neighborhood. You need to the opposite part of the common hall to find the door leading to the doctor. Open it and watch the cutscene. Answer the doctor's questions. If you want to get everywhere "ticks", then in the first two select the truth, in the third - half-truth (do not tell everything about Siberia and your journey, the fourth-truth.) When you can keep silent, if you do this, the doctor will see through you ("cross"). In the end, you will convince the doctor.

Now you need to take your things and leave the floor. Use an unusual key that the doctor gave you.

How to leave the hospital?

After questioning, go to the metal locker in the corner near the window. Take things of Kate Walker one of the drawers.

Follow the elevator with the grate and apply the key from the inventory to the hole on the side. You need to solve the puzzle. Everything is simple enough: move the mouse cursor one by one for each point in the center, hold down the LMB and move the mouse by turning one of the key blades. It is necessary to make so that the key blades coincide with the slits.

Unfortunately, the key will not help you. Go back to the doctor and talk to him. He will say that you are not yet healthy enough to leave the clinic. Examine the key in the inventory and click on the hole on the handle to understand that something is missing.

Go to the doctor's office and interact with the chair to open the drawer. Move books and other items to the left to get to the red-and-white brochure. Flip through the brochure until you find a page with the same key. Look at it to see what part is missing.

Run to your ward where Kurk is. Talk to him. He will offer to send the key to the camp of the yukolov, to the blacksmith. During the conversation you will need to apply the Brochure from the inventory on Kurk. Then go to the balcony (to the right of Kurk) and interact with the only active point on the window grilles. In the distance you will see a tower on the roof of which is an owl.

Try to lure an owl - interact with it. Nothing will come of it. Come back and tell Kurk about this. After a conversation with him, go out into the corridor and follow the opposite corner, where there is a blue grill. Go for it. Earlier, if you were inspecting this territory, there were two men playing chess. Now the man is alone - Anton and he fell asleep. Steal the key from his chest.

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