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Walkthrough Syberia 3

Walkthrough Syberia 3

Kate and Oscar's trip is nearing completion. Now they are in the industrial town of Komkoltsgrad.

Chapter 1. Barroxstadt

Exit the train and go to the platform on the right side (A). Go to the left side (B). Talk with Oscar (C).

Then again go to the left side (D) and go to the right (E). Climb the stairs (F) and enter the control room. Inspect the shelf (G), take away the VOICE CYCLE KOMKLZGRAD (H) and the HAN’S DESIGN (I). Check the highlighted marker (J). Take the handle (K). Press the control panel and place the handle (L). Press the handle once and the machine will move forward (M).

Go to the next building (N) and explore the wall (O). You will learn that it needs to cut something of metal.

Return to the control room. Press the handle (P) once. Once the machine has stopped, press the red button (Q). Turn the handle twice and exit the control room (R). Once the ladder is locked, go down (S). Follow Oscar, and then check the locked door (T). Walk past the train (U). Pull the handle to use the gondola (V) and go to the lower level (W).

Look at the car on the left (X). Check the missing item on the machine (Y). Return to the train (Z). Zoom into the showcase. Place the KOMKLZGRAD voice cylinder in the empty space (B). Go into the room. End the conversation with Oscar (C). Take the METAL SHEARS (D) .Return to the machine (E). Climb the ladder (F).

Click on the control panel (G). Pull the handle (H) once. Enter the next building (I). Click on the wall (J). Use the METAL SHEARS (K) and enter the room.

Inspect the shelf (L) and take the spark plug (M). Check the two windows (N). Return to the control room and pull the handle (O) again.

Get down the stairs (P). Go to the gondola (Q). Go to the subway (R). Inspect the machine (S) and install the spark plug (T). Turn on the switch.

Follow the train. Pull the lever to activate the gondola (U). Climb to the top floor with a gondola.

Go forward (V) and turn left (W). Look at the sign and the ladder (X). Return to the gondola and go to the right (Y). Go straight (Z). Examine the pipe organ (A). Take the SCREWDRIVER (B). Go back to another room in the factory. Press the sign (C) and remove the screws with the SCREWDRIVER (D).

Climb the stairs. Enter the control room on the left (E). Talk with a stranger (F), the director. Leave the room as soon as the conversation ends.

Go down the stairs (G). Climb the stairs upwards (H). Go to the end of the room. Examine the table (I). Take PASS CUT and read the letter that was under it (J).

Call your mother. Exit the room. Climb the stairs and go back to the control room (K). There will be a phone call from Dan. Talk to him. Talk to the director about everything (L).

Exit the room and go forward to go through the gate (M). The phone will ring again. This is Olivia. Go forward (N).

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