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Walkthrough Tales from the Borderlands – Episode 5: The Vault of the Traveler

At Helios

Talk to Yvette and select the first option to hit a girl. You get rid of his pursuers. Yvette remember this.

Now everything talk to Handsome Jack. Say that he is a monster. Handsome Jack remembers it. Youneed go to hell his and see what happens.

Click several times on the key Q, yet is full scale. Once at the bottom, and you see Yvette, decide what to do with the girl. Release her and say that in response to need her help.

Speak to Handsome Jack in the hallway with a bunch of screens. Choose any option. Handsome Jack remembers it.

Avoid shooting turrets. You will find yourself in a large utility room. After Reese starts hacking, click on the yellow plate. Then destroy the brick wall and the gates will open hangar. Jump to the left to turn on the design of the core. Go down, use the stun gun to destroy the nodes. Make a decision - to help Yvette or not. Yvette remember this decision. Hit three times on the last node.

Talk with the wicked. Tell Augusto that he should help. Augusts remember it. Then start firefight. Please move your mouse over the gun and click the left mouse button and then press the E. Next, move the cursor back to the gun and click the left mouse button. Shoot in the oxygen tanks left of the enemy. Watch the cut-scene.

Press the A, to push inhabitant of hyperion. Next, promise the robot that you will save the Gortys. He will remember it.

Move down the hall and talk to Handsome Jack. Turn off your monitor. Handsome Jack remembers it. Jump to the left side of the turret. Tell Yvette to save. Yvette remember it.

After the crash

In the role of Reese go down the hall from the wreckage. You can look at the tabloid on the ground and look at the poster of  Handsome Jack. You can see the cracked glass. Break it completely. Move through the wreckage, simply hold down the inverted W. Open the door of the car. In addition to clicking the left mouse button will need to repeatedly press the key Q, and then, when the scale is full - the key E. Avoid falling head. Speak to Handsome Jack. Select any option. Handsome Jack remembers it. Keep talking until Jack again will load itself in Riesa.

01.jpg - Handsome Jack tries to kill Reese.

Break the arm and cut of the Temple one more element, and then decide what to do with Jack: pull the probe out of the eye, or return it to the place: the key A - pull out the key D - insert back.

Move forward, turn aside out of the car. Open the door and talk to the shuttle by August. Ask where is Sasha. Go to the hill and talk to a thug. Decide what to do with him. Rise to Velori to move the cursor on it and left-click. Talk to her, then talk to Gortys. Take the pistol by pressing the button Q. When the icon with the letter «E» on the screen will be focused on a glowing yellow sphere, then press the E. From the first time you will not get. Again take the rocket launcher. At this time you will help Sasha. Now you really get into the goal. See the long cut-scene.


Talk with your thief, Kroger will continue. In the end, press several times on the key Q, and then - once the key E, to push his body. Talk to a friend. The conversation will be long.

Talk to a stranger and then apologize. Robot will remember it. Next, you should choose a character to the team. You have Augusta , Zero, Cassius, Athena, Felix and Springs. All you need to choose three members. Select each of them. Next, the computer will analyze the way you communicate with them, help them, or whether you have had disagreements. If a character can not be selected, you will see a red lock. If it can be selected, the lock is green. Enter the three members of the team.

Guardian of Storage

When you collect the whole team, you will find yourself on the battlefield. Connect together the two parts of the system board Gortys. Wait, when there will be a monster. Next, talk to Gortys as Reese and find yourself inside. Shoot the monster and just dodge. Soon you switch to Fiona with Sasha. Watch the cut-scene.

Next is the segment in which you have to fight with the enemy. Hit it in different styles, depend on the control of the character. Involved are all keys: Q, E, A, S, D, W.

Sasha say what you will do this together. Sasha will remember it. Next you need to choose what to do with the guards. Save Sasha and then pick it up. Kill monster. Talk with all the characters. In the end, go to the storage. In this walkthrough Tales from the Borderlands - Episode 5: The Vault of the Traveler is completed.

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