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Walkthrough Talewind

Walkthrough Talewind

Use A and D for the movement, press the W or SPACE to make a jump. Moreover, if you re-click key of jump and hold it, the main character will fly. So you can travel long distances.

The Windmill Valley 1-1

Go right through the town to the next location. Kill enemies, attack them by key K. Use wind to rise higher and higher. And here's what a checkpoint:



Get to the end of the level; it is not difficult to do.

The Windmill Valley 1-1

All the same, it is nothing new.

The Windmill Valley 1-3

Go forward until the boss appears – a big hedgehog. You need to act to win it:

While the hedgehog rolls, jump through it.

He will roll about five times.

When the enemy stops you need attack him by key K. As soon as he wakes up, you run away and repeat the procedure.



The Lost Ruins 2-1

New enemies will appear at this location. You have to fear small worms. They can jump in any direction and at any distance. Flying blue ghosts - too slow to kill you. Avoid the clouds of mist that slow down your movement.

From the huge seal can fly 3-5 small worms. Be careful! Get to the end of the level, avoid the traps of fire.

The Lost Ruins 2-2

Go through the level by using all your skills.

The Lost Ruins 2-3

Jump over the spikes, on the platforms until you reach the boss - a huge eye. When the eye is open, jump and attack key K. Do not be afraid to touch eye - you just do not kill. Periodically worms will fall.



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