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Walkthrough TARTARUS (part 1)

Detailed walkthrough of adventure Tartarus

Watch the introductory video, and then you get your first assignment.

Find a team

Come out of your room. You can look in the laundry room opposite or go through the door around the corner to the right. In the end, go to the door with the panel on the left and interact with the intercom to try to contact someone. After a while you will be answered by engineer Andrews, who will inform you that the ship is blocked. He will say that it is Cooper who must get to the pilot's bridge and restart the system; otherwise the ship will fly from the orbit of Neptune and fall to the planet.

Open the air cleaning system on the left - the panel under the buttons "up" and "down". Click once on the red button, but the system closes. Andrews will say that you need to look for the entrance to the ventilation shafts.

Find the entrance to the ventilation shaft

Turn around and go back. Take the door to the left, but in front of the room where you woke up. There is a shelf in the room - go around it to the left and see the hatch on the floor. Cooper will inform Andrews about this. Get down through the hatch and move along the route that your partner showed you - to the right, to the right, to the left. You will reach the hatch - try to open it, but it will not work.

Find the way out

You need to move the same route, but vice versa to go back - to the right, to the left, to the left. After you turn right and once to the left, do not rush to go left again. Turn right here - this way is linear and will lead you to the long staircase - go up it and go to the bright room to update the quest.

Get to the bridge

Go through the corridor to the bridge and wait. When control returns to you, then you interact with the intercom on the left side of the wall to talk with Andrews. Then take a look to the left and you will see a flashing yellow lamp on the wall. Click on it to turn off the nasty alarm.

the bridge
the bridge
 flashing yellow lamp
flashing yellow lamp

When you do this, then inspect the corner of the table opposite the intercom, move the cursor to the lying map and click on it LMB. Turn around and go to the far computer, which is closer to the yellow light on the wall. Interact with it. Andrews gave you a clue (the login is his name Andrews and the password is the ID specified on the card). So, in the top line, type andrews, and in the bottom line, type a702193.

access card

Reset values of piston

Listen to Andrews' tips, write a list and press Enter. Next, type what says Andrews - SF "Space" users. There will be explosions and Andrews will say that you have to figure it out all by yourself. Use a hint through the help function.

Erase what you wrote, and type help. You will see a lot of useful information, but what to enter next? So, to begin with, remember the three main commands:

SF NAME_FOLDER - go to the folder in the current directory. LIST - find out which folders and files are in the current directory (use each time you enter a new folder). SF .. - return to the previous directory (folder).

In addition, there are several other teams, we will write about them below. So, when you are in the main folder, type the following commands in sequence:

SF USERS. LIST - to see which folders are there (I will no longer point to this command, but be aware that after the command SF NAME_PACKER it must always be entered). SF ANDREWS OPEN PRESSURELEVELS.TXT.

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