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Walkthrough Tattletail

Walkthrough Tattletail

The game has five nights before Christmas. Your task is to check the new toy - a teddy Tattletail pet. It has three basic needs:

  • Food (use the fridge).
  • Care (use a brush).
  • Charging (use the charger).

Mom of Tattletail hunt for children, which are not properly take care of her the son of (pet). In addition, she attacks only in darkness. Mom will come soon as the light goes out.

Note. At the end of each night phone call is heard. Answer to it - it is an optional task. You can answer or can ignore. If you ignore all phone calls, you will get additional achievement on Steam.

Night 1

Tattletail Gift is in the basement.

Interact with refrigerator and hold to feed the pet. Refrigerator is directly above the basement, in the kitchen. Remember this location, because the pet will have to feed every night.

Use a brush located in the living room on the couch to take care of Tattletail. The brush is always located at the same place. When the scale Tattletail care is low, then apply it on the brush.

Return the pet in his box, located in the basement.

Go to bed before the end of the night.

Night 2

Open a noisy washing machine in the basement to take away from her Tattletail.

Use the charger from the basement to recharge Tattletail. This is the last of his three needs. You lose if one of these scales will fall to zero.

Interact with the vase in the basement. The lights went out!

Take a flashlight. Whenever the light went out, always take a flashlight and stand in some corner. Light in front of you, until the light will be activated in the house. Press the right mouse button to activate the flashlight.

Look for a pair of red eyes in the dark. This is mom of Tattletail. Do not go near it, any chance to see it.

When the light is turned on, you need return Tattletail in a box in the basement.

Go to sleep until the end of the night.

Night 3

Note. Mom of Tattletail will begin to hunt more actively at this night.

Find Tattletail’s mother in the basement. Insert the cassette (Tattletape) in a nearby player and listen to the story.

Find Tattletail in the living room, on the second floor.

Return Tattletail back to the basement - in his drawer.

Clean up in the living room. Take a flashlight before go up!!!

On the second floor the lights went out. Do not come in direct eye contact with mother of Tattletail. Sneak past her to get to the living room. When you reach the living room, the light turns on.

You're safe!

Clean up and go to bed.

Night 4

Go through the back door to get into the garage of your yard. Inside you will find Tattletail and his friend.

Take pet and left-click on the yellow friend. Take a flashlight before click on the yellow friend.

The light went out for the next 30 seconds. Wait out the time in the corner of the garage, use a flashlight. Flashlight will allow you to protect yourself from Tattletail’s mother.

Look under the tree to find yellow friend. Do not click on it again.

Charge, feed and clean the brush Tattletail before activate the other yellow.

When you're ready, then click on the yellow friend. At this time you will need to survive for 60 seconds with no light.

Run into the bathroom and hide in a corner, use a flashlight. Wait until the light illuminates again.

Look in your bedroom closet to find yellow friend again. Do not click on it.

Charge, feed and clean the brush Tattletail again before activate the yellow friend.

In this round, the light went out for the next 90 seconds. Hide in the hallway, push back against the wall and use a flashlight.

Move to the basement to find yellow friend for the last time. Insert a cassette into the VCR near a TV set, located at the other yellow.

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