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Walkthrough Tattletail


5 Night (Christmas mischief)

This is the last night. Open gift in the living room before returning to the basement.

The door to the basement is locked. Leave the house through the front door to find a second entrance to the basement.

In the basement, set Tattletail on the charger. Return to the living room and take the yellow friend from opened gift box.

The lights went out. Immediately use a brush to clean the yellow friend, because the level of his grooming is zero.

Climb back into the basement and put the other on the yellow chair. Next you need to find your first pet, Tattletail.

Light turns on again. Find Tattletail upstairs in the garage.

Open it and take a pet - the lights went out again. Run over to the refrigerator and feed Tattletail.

Return Tattletail the basement. Next, you will find several items to complete the ritual party. Collect the items, one at a time, and put them on the red bloody track in the basement.

Here are the items:

Collect cupcakes upstairs (from the basement).

Pick a Christmas tree garland.

Break the green vase in the basement to find five red candles.

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