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Walkthrough Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan

You can choose in the main menu the section "Education" (Tutorial).


You need to study the system of movement. Use the keys W, S, A, D to move. Move the mouse to change the camera view. Navigate between points, which indicates a blue laser.

Then jump up to pick up the green diamonds. You can make a double jump by pressing repeatedly on the "space" in the air. Destroy the enemy by attacking the left and right mouse buttons. After that, you will need to repel the attack. Sometimes you need to use the Shift key.

Use the shuriken to break the red diamonds. Hold down the Caps Lock key to aim. Move through the hallway and kill the enemy. Use the electronic vision - click on the button E. If you get close to enemies unnoticed and click on one of the two mouse buttons, you neutralize them. Make this with three opponents. Two enemies are in the location, and the third will be available after the first two murders. It will be necessary to move him along the right wall, so that he did not see you.

Climb the wall, jump on it and hold the key movement. You will see the green diamond in the center of location. You have to pick it up. Jump in his direction, use a double jump. But when press the button a second time on "Space", you will need to pinch and hold it.

Throw shuriken in the red barrels to blow them up and destroy the small robots. Go to the door and call the turtles by the command through ALT Follow Me. Walk up to the door and hold down the key F. Move forward and jump on the railing and slide down. Open more one gate and kill the two enemies. Use special techniques.

There are four images of turtles in the left edge of the screen. Do you see? Each icon has four rounds. The circle can be black or orange. Orange - special reception is available. That is, each turtle has four special attacks. CTRL A and W, S, A, D (CTRL need to delay) you can change the game character.

Go ahead, destroy all enemies and complete the task by clicking on Enter, when the screen is displayed Statistics battle. It's time the real test!


Residential Area

On the location you will need to perform three tasks. The first task will appear immediately: destroy all enemies. Kill the enemy as long as you will see the inscription WELL DONE. Then activate the E key and move in the direction of some red objects (often squares). They point out the following tasks. You can study location and collect the green and red diamonds.

The next task - to protect the van with pizza. Just kill the enemies. Finally, you will other enemies. They throw explosives. Destroy enemies from a distance, throw shurikens.

In the end, you will need to get to the location of the Bebop. Click on E and find the red square. Go there and see the hatch. Collect diamonds, go to the hatch and hold the F key to open it.

Storage bank

There you will see boss Bebop. There are a few simple rules of the battle with the bosses. The scale of the boss's health is at the top of the screen. It consists of several other scales. For example, at Bebop next to the health scale there is an inscription 5/5. This means that the label will remain after emptying 4/5 first scale and so on.

Press the Q key to focus on the target. So you will apply all your attacks at Bebop. In this case, you need to avoid attacks by chainsaw and explosion sticks of dynamite.

Switch between characters, if you have a small stock of health. Actively use the special skills.


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