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Walkthrough That Level Again 2

Walkthrough That Level Again 2

Level 1. Common and simple

Take a key located at locations and use the key to pass on through the door.

Level 2: Where am I his affairs?

Go into the next room, move through the door of the tree and find the right key.

Level 3: The Moon

The gravitational force is less familiar. Therefore, when jumping, be careful not to bump into spikes.

Level 4: I can’t take it

Don’t take the key, and simply push it to the side of the door to open it.

Level 5. Is it in the second room again?

Go into the second room. Use your finger to cut the rope on which hangs the key.

Level 6. Use your finger

Simply slide a latch by your finger to open the door.

Level 7. Emergency Exit

Click a finger on the window to break it. Repeat the procedure several times.

Level 8. New Look

Go into the second room, jump over the spikes at the bottom and take the key.

Level 9. Do not jump

Just move forward and make a long pause.

Level 10. Issue Guest

Take the key and open the door. Then go through the next door. Move the same as the previous level.

Walkthrough That Level Again 2 Level 11

Turn off the sound in the game and go for the key, so as not to wake the dog.

Level 12

In the second room you need transport the door by the finger in the right-hand corner and exit from it. You find yourself behind the main door, you need to go.

How to get That Level Again 2. Level 13

In the menu click on the button "Donat", and all - the doors are open

Cheats That Level Again 2. Level 14

In the second room there are real thorns in the first and the last row, so be careful and do not be nervous. Take the key and go further

Level 15

Exit the level three times and then go back and open the door

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