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Walkthrough That Level Again 3

Walkthrough That Level Again 3

Level 1

Start storyline. Change the screen background, find control buttons and keys. So drag the room by your finger to the left or right of the screen. Note that there is floor with spikes. If you see it, then slide back into the side and pull out the other side.

Once in the room, you get the first button. You can use it to jump. Click on it a few times until the top will not fall down the button the direction of movement "to the left".

Drag your finger the button in the left bottom of the screen so that it locks into place. Done!

It remains to find one more button. Click on the pause menu. There is an icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Do you see among the menu buttons, which is similar to the arrow direction to the right? Drag and drop it, pause, remove and put "right" button next to the "left".

Now we need to take the key. But you do not need the key, which is highlighted with a red circle. There is another key to the right, behind the jump button. Go there and take it. Open the door by using the key, to go to the left.

Level 2: Everything is in your hands

You can control different units: a platform that moves up or down, a bridge to the left, over the spikes, and the top of the block, blocks the path of the platform.

Move the block from the top to the right side. Go back to the right room to pick up the key, which was isolated red circle. Go back to the left button and stand on the platform. Pick it the movement of your finger. Pull the bridge on the left, and then a running jump onto it. Open the door with the key chosen previously.

Level 3: How to push?

The door to this room is located on the ceiling, so with a key, you should click on the red button.

Level 4 (1:17). Too light.

This room is too bright light. So you have to stop the game That Level Again 3 on pause and turn down the brightness of the display. After that man will receive the key and go on.

Level 5 (1:28): In this room, you use your finger as a control. Just grab the key and man, and then drag them to the right place. Then use the second key, which is necessary to pass the button. Now you can open the door with the same key.

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