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Walkthrough That Level Again

Walkthrough That Level Again

Level 1

Click on the red button, and then the door will open.

Level 2: Try more

Click on the red button three times to open the next door.

Level 3. Just click on it

Click by finger on the red button.

Level 4. Press the stronger

Jump on the button, which is located above the platform.

Level 5. Try to die

Jump down on the spikes to be lost for the first time. So open the door.

Level 6. Do not touch it

You do not need to touch the red button.

Level 7. Back

Go back to the previous level.

Level 8. Massacre

Approach the door is located here.

Level 9. Faster, faster, faster,

Click on the red button several times. Do this as quickly as possible. Continue until you reach the door.

  1. Another Level Management

Move the character with your finger. First you need to move the button, and then - through the door.

That Level Again Level 11

Here you have to climb up to the part of the screen where the button is "Pause" and jump there to

Level 12

At this leve, you will feel a lot of resistance, but there is nothing complicated. Just be careful.

Level 13

Just go on the button and then press a couple of times at the door and all the fingers. It will open.

Level 14

Press the button and go through the door, even you see that it is closed)

Level 15

Move the platform by finger so that the character was able to jump through the void. Do not forget to press the button.

To be continued...

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