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Walkthrough The Bunker

See the introductory cut-scene.

Day 11109

Your first full day in the bunker begins after your mother's death. First you need to perform all the cases on the list. Select the first point. Open the cabinet on the wall, select vitamins on the top shelf and a dosimeter on the bottom. Drink the vitamins and study the radiation (will need to hold the cursor on the white dot in the corner of the screen), emphasize the job.

Select second item. There is the receiver right of the cabinet. Turn the dial to the two sides.

Select the third paragraph. Start the computer and see on the radiation in the bunker. It is normal.

Select the fourth paragraph. Click on a box of food.

Select the last option and read any book of your mother.

Day 11100

Repeat the same steps.

Day 11101

Check radiation in a bunker and you will see an error on the computer. It is necessary to replace the fuse. Open the bottom drawer in the desk where the computer is. Review the manual; you will see a list of actions to be performed. You will receive a first toy (1/9) of the tree.

Exit the room to the hallway and go through the door on the left. This is the room of your mother. Take a key from one of the drawers of cabinets where are the books.

With the key go out into the hallway and open the door in the center, at the end of the corridor (to the right of John’s mother room). Get down to the second level.

Second level

Go forward to the two left doors. Take the second toy (2/9) on the floor on the right side of the screen. Go into the left room - Commissioner's Room. Look at the memory. Pick third toy (3/9) on the floor on the right side of the screen to the right of the table. Find the microphone on the table and interact with them to make an announcement.

Exit and go through the door on the right. This is classroom. Pick a toy (4/9), lying on the floor among the chairs in the center of the room.


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