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Walkthrough the Dead Rising 1

Walkthrough the Dead Rising 1

"72 hours" mode

September 19, 11:27

At the very beginning of the game you have to fly in a helicopter over the city and take some photos.


Frank should be on the helipad at 12:00 (22, September).

During the game, do not forget to look at the clock. Press the TAB key to open the clock.

Talk with Carlito and go to the security room near him. Go to the door and press the button E. Go back down the stairs and see the area first save. All point is marked in black and white icon with the letter S where you can save your current progress.

Go to the security room in front and use the monitor to view the video. Go through the door on the left and follow to the mall. Once here, go down and go to the far side. Take photos. Move closer to the grid, to communicate with the strange old man with a cane. Zombies go into the room.

You need to go back to the stairs, which you down here. It is best to move along the shops on the right side. You need to stand aback from the zombies.

Time of arrival to the helicopter 71 hours ...

Rescue survivors - Jeff and Natalie

So now security room is your home. You must leave it through the ventilation and lead the survivors here. Go on the roof and go to the right side. There is a man named Jeff. He will say something about his wife. Go to the other side of the roof and find Natalie and wife of Jeff. Talk to her, so she followed you. Go back to Jeff and look at the scene. You can take a picture.

Again, talk with them. Go back to the ventilation and climb into the security room. You get some points for the successful maintenance and reunification.

Go back to the roof. There are a lift and a door. Both directions lead you to a room with huge racks. On the way Otis will call. Click in C, to respond on the radio.

Go to the side of the hall, "Paradise" and watch the cut-scene with Jesse. You'll get a gun and a job.

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