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Walkthrough The Dwarves

Walkthrough The Dwarves


You control for gnome. Move the mouse over the area and click the right mouse button. Do the same action to attack.

Fight until someone will drop you a box. Select it by clicking the left mouse button. Throw grenades (select them by pressing R and clicking LMB on the field).

You will see the king of the dwarves. Defeat the opponents with him. You need to kill two orcs and destroy two catapults. Use the TAB key, if you want to switch between the characters.

While King closes the door, you can destroy opponents. Watch the cut-scene.

Part 1

Talk with the girl. Look around the room. Take the ax from under leather clothes on the table. Go to the Lot-Johanan’s room, talk with him. Go to the kitchen on the right and repair the boiler. Earn 50 XP. Go down to the room below to steal food from the table to the right. You get 25 more XP.

Backpack of Goren

Before you leave this place, you need to go to the kitchen and talk with the girl. You'll get a meal. Come out of Lot-ion. You will see a huge map. Go in the direction of a question mark, until you see a message about crows.

If you decide to explore the place where crows are:

  • Inspect the two bodies. Be sure to turn them over. For this you get 25 XP ...
  • Inspect the backpack (at the top of the screen). Inside, you will find food and a message to Lot Ionanu.
  • Examine the bush to the left of the upper body. There you will find another backpack. Take gold and protection’s talisman from the backpack. For this you get 50 XP.

There are three woodcutters on the question mark. Either you attack them, or they will beat you.

Go to the left on the map to any building. Talk with farmers (follow the children). Say that orcs are close, so need to build a shelter.

Move on to the left and the right to some kind of settlement. Automatically download will begin.

Go forward and talk with the guards at the gate. Try to convince them, but it is uselessly. Go to the left to see the active point on the fence. Talk with one of the guards. Say that you not give more than 20 gold. As a result, the price drops to 30 gold. Agree. You spend the night in the city and get 25 XP.

Go on. They ask to sleep under an oak tree. Don’t agree, otherwise the orc will kill you. You need to sleep in the oak’s crown. Soon you will see a cut-scene about orcs camp. In the morning get off to the oak. You'll earn 25 XP.

Look at the center, and then there will be orcs. Regardless of your decision in battle, the other two dwarfs will help you. Fight with your enemies by controlling all three orcs. Learn their skills! After the battle, you get to the second level for Tungdil. Choose one of the two skills.

Go further to locate Black Jarmo. While your companions rest, you need to go to the right. Find a dry tree at the rock and cut it down. You will get 25 XP. Climb up the tree to the left and climb upstairs at rock (the second attempt). Go left and look at the rock. You will see the inscription on the Gnomes language. Read the text to get 50 XP and open a passage into the mountain.

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