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Walkthrough The Evil Within 2

Detailed walkthrough of the first two chapters of the game The Evil Within 2 with the location of all documents, slides and weapons.

Chapter 1. In the fire

At the beginning of the game you will see a burning house in front of you. Run forward, use the standard keys W, S, A, D. Try to open the door - the interaction key E. Go to the right and inspect the glass sliding door - Sebastian should automatically break it.

Inside the house, move through the kitchen and to the left. Open the door to the left and go up the stairs. Look into the children's room - the door to it is covered with different colored pictures. See a long cut-scene - apparently, this is an introductory video.

door to the room Lili
Door to the room Lili

Mashine STEM

After immersion in STEM, move forward to various emerging objects. In the end, go to the table and pick up the walkie-talkie. So you will contact Kidman and you will see the cabinet - the main safe zone in which you can communicate with your partner. After some explanations, the second chapter will begin.

Chapter 2. Something went wrong

Go to the information board on the right and learn it. Read detailed information about each of the five missing members of the Mobius group:

Team leader William Baker. Miles Harrison, fighting interactions. Liam O'Neil, technical support. Julian Sykes, STEM programmer. Yukiko Hoffman, psychoanalysis.

Next, study a few more photos on the board and leave the office. There is a black cat on the table on the right. Go to it and take the next slide. You can view such slides and discuss what you see with Kidman. And do - interact with the projector near the black cat (where you found the slide).

Get up from the chair; pick up a jar of green gel. Go to the end of the room and interact with the terminal to the right of the mirror. Such terminals allow you to save game progress. Use the mirror to leave this place.

After the cut scene, go forward through the door, climb up the steps and approach the picture of the door hanging on the wall. Turn around - you should have the same door in front of you. Open it, go along the corridor. You can turn on the flashlight - press the V key. Enter the last door on the left and you will see a room with Baker with a bullet in the forehead. This memory is constantly repeated. You can enter the cube and study Baker, but in fact it is not necessary. You can also take a look through the camera.

To be continued...

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