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Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians

Level 1. Forgotten Jail

At the beginning of the game select the difficulty and the team. You control four characters. The game is a standard for its genre. Follow ahead and to the left. Move and kill skeletons. Select two swords for attacks or skills about icons characters. Pull the lever to go further. Go down to the cages by the left or right path. There are left and right arms. Pull the lever to the right and kill the enemy. Go to the lever on the left and pull it out. Follow the another corridor and find another lever. Pull on it. This lever opens the grate in the previous passage, when you pulled the right lever.

Follow there and win some skeletons at the same time. There is a plaque with the inscription on the wall: "Come back to your cage. Escape is death. "

Go down, defeat the skeleton and go up the stairs on the left. Go on until you kill the two enemies. There is a hob on the floor. If you stand on it, then open the grille. There is a stone near grille. Hold down the right mouse button and lower the camera down. Place your cursor over the stone and hold the left mouse button. With the stone you need come to the hob in the floor. Put a stone on the hob to open the grate and go through it.

Climb up and kill four skeletons. Pick up a ring and put it on the hero, go to the inventory on the button I. There is a small shelf in the wall on the right. Take it potion of health and iron key. Go to the opposite grille and click on the keyhole on the right to apply this key.


Go on, kill enemies. You will find yourself in a room with multiple hallways. There will be three groups of skeletons. There is a niche in the left corner of the far wall. In a niche is a map - Take it.

Find another niche,there is the key. Take the key and use it on the keyhole around a single locked grille. Eventually, you have to get to the Old Knight. He is very srtong. In time, use magic spells and healing potions. Sometimes Knight uses the magic web.

After win, pick up the mantle and key. The key use at the well near the top of the grille. Go up the stairs.

Level 2. Deep Fortress

Immediately turn left and go into the dark corridor. Defeat the creature flying around the corner. Move on and kill skeletons. Pull the lever at the door, which leads to the stairs. Here's another flying creature. Destroy the enemy and take the key lying on a shelf in the wall side.

Follow in the other direction and find the card. The screenshot below shows its location (green marker).


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