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Walkthrough The Final Station

Walkthrough The Final Station

Run New Game.


Go to the door. You can interact with all the illuminated objects, like with the cabinet or door in the first room. Click on the button E to do this. You will find useful items inside the box . When interacting with the door you open it. Not all doors can be opened at once. About this later.

Move from room to room. Shoot the zombies. For this click the left mouse button. Enemies can be attacked with a fist - right mouse button. But to kill the enemy or inflict good damage, need to hold down the right mouse button. Wait until you have scale. Then release the right mouse button.

In the end, you have to go down the stairs. Pre-need to open the hatch. Character kill zombies. So planned scenario.

TheFinalStation 2016-09-01 01-03-47-04

Act 1

A few words about the principle of the game. You will be moved by train between the different stations. At each station is a blocker. To train went on, you must enter a valid code on the blocker.

The code should be the chief of station. But at every station you have to look for it elsewhere.

In addition, you can find new passengers. For more information about the train later.

The 106th year since the first visit


Waking up, go to the bathroom on the right. All the bathrooms you can find useful items.

TheFinalStation 2016-09-01 01-07-07-59

Go down and go right. The refrigerator has food. Go outside, go through the store. Inspect all the rooms, from the very beginning of the game to collect items. They will be useful. As a result, you will need to get into the locker room. There are several blue cabinets. Inside one of them is uniform. Equip it.

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Go into the next room and go upstairs. This is the room of the station. In all cities it is almost the same. On the wall hangs a note. Read it. You'll learn the code of the blocker. He will appear at the bottom of the screen.

TheFinalStation 2016-09-01 01-09-36-88

Go down and go outside right. Talk to the male smokers. Go right to the train. To his right, there is a panel - it's blocker. Enter the code you found.

First trip

So the first time you are traveling on the train. What is needed and can be done?

The head (right) is a control panel. Press E. You will see four sections. The first section shows your battery. Set right on the charge flow. If the flow is above the battery, then the train will stop.

To this did not happen (or if it happened), you have to find the part of the train, where sparkles. In the first act may spark a panel at the rear of the train, or the panel on the right side of the car (a car one).

Open the panel in the middle of the train. You will see 5 scales. If one of them above the rest, simply omit it. To do this, click on the arrow below. In the upper right corner you can see the limit exceeded. You need to align all the way here to see the green tick.

TheFinalStation 2016-09-01 01-13-39-91

If sparking panel at the rear of the train, it is necessary to lower the lever and hold it until you see the same green tick.

TheFinalStation 2016-09-01 01-14-36-52

The next section of the control panel at the beginning of the train - a chat. Periodically, it will be highlighted by an exclamation mark. Just open it and schёlkayte by the subscriber in the network. So you can talk to him.

The next section - Kraft. You can create kits or cartridges. In the future - shotgun shells and more. Choose a first aid kit or cartridges. You will see what materials are needed for the manufacture of one-piece. More below - card. It points listed all the available stations. You can not move to any station. The game leads you strictly on the story.

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