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  1. Аватар Amber:

    I’m referring to the beach scene early in the story. When you say «use the fishing rod on the key, and you will get the key.» I’ve tried twice to separate the two and both times were failures, which means I’ve never been able to get inside the third house. Not happy with your «walkthrough».

  2. Аватар Amber Cooper:

    Early in the game your instructions are to pick up the fishing rod and use it to get the key. I’ve tried that twice, and failed both times. So, I’ve never even been able to open the door to the third house. Not happy with your walkthrough.

  3. Аватар Big Willy:

    This persons walk through is sound. He’s just informing you of the solution. If you can’t do not its your incompetence

  4. Аватар Veronica:

    when you click the fishing pole and then the key next to the body in the hole, the key should automatically go into your inventory and the fishing pole disappears.

  5. Аватар Benneth:

    Danng it…. The four ghosts have been singing for me in the seer’s house for close an hour now and yet no door is opening

  6. Аватар Anon:

    The ghosts are colour coded

  7. Аватар Ayush:

    Why is the ghost of horse not working for me

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