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Walkthrough 7

Walkthrough The Frostrune

Walkthrough The Frostrune

After the introductory movie, you will find yourself on the beach. There is a chest on the left, but you need a key. Click on the home, to go to them.

There are two houses. Examine the door at the right side of the house. Walk more to the right of the house and see a wooden fence. There are pliers right at the top of the stage. You need cut the rope to take them.

Go two screens to the left and go back home with a door. There is another house. Go to the left of it, the path up the hill. You will see the old hut. There is it a knife on the ground (to the right). Take it.

Go back down and go to the house on the right. Walk to the right, to the fence. Use the knife on the rope. Take pliers.

Follow again to the old hut deep in the forest, where you found a knife. Examine the board in the wall right of the door. Use pliers to the brown lower bar. You open a manhole. Go inside the house and click on the dead body on the floor.

After the cut scenes take the key from the floor and return to the house. Insert the key. You need to turn them correctly:

The left lower key you need turn to the right direction.

The top key you need turn to the left.

The lower right key you need turn down.

Click on the handle of the door to open it (if the right combination is exposed).

Inside the house, take block and steel away from the table to the right.

Leave the house and go to the right, to the fence. Apply block to another block to the right of the broken gate. Click on the left edge of the rope directly to the gate. So you open them.

Go deep into the forest. On the left you will see the various stones with pieces of wood. There is some wooden plaque with the text on the floor beside them. Read and memorize the text. Apparently, this is a hint to solving the puzzle.

From here there are two ways. Climb up into the screen. There is a well on the following location. Take a look at it and see the toy boat with some object. But now you can’t take it.

There are also two ways from the well. Go first to the left, up the hill. There is a plant – yarrow flower near the ruined house. Here among the debris is the sun compass on earth. You can view it, but not take.

Move to the left, up the hill. Do you see a piece of red cloth on the right? Look in the hole under it and see the dead body. There is the key next to him. A little further on, in the depth of the screen there is an ice wall with frozen amulet. This ice is not to break. It is magical.

Go back to the well and follow a different path to the river. Go further from the waterfall and find yourself on the beach. Pick up the clay from the ground to the right of the boat. Go to the right and you will see the remains of the dead whale. There is a fishing rod to the right of them. Take it.

Go back to the hole with the body. Use the fishing rod on the key. You will receive the key.

Run back to the village. Go to the next house, which is not yet open. Use the key on it and enter into the workshop. Take a pick from the wall to the right. Inspect the coals in the middle of the room. Apply them flint and steel to set a fire.

Get out of the village through the same gate, but do not hurry. So, there is a lot of stones and wood debris on the left. Use the pickaxe on these stones to open the passage. Move through the hole, go right and see a dead body. Take the amulet.

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