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Walkthrough the game House Flipper 2018

Order 1 - Sara Lewis

The first order you will receive from Sarah Lewis. First you need to remove the trash: cardboard boxes, old newspapers, banks. Collect trash everywhere, including the living room and bedroom. Monitor the progress indicators on the right side of the screen. They indicate the percentage of work done in the room in which you are now.

Next, there will be a cleaning process. You will have the opportunity to use a squeegee. Press button 2 on the keyboard or in the pop-up menu, hold the RMB (to use the squeegee). Hold the LMB to wash the floor and furniture in each room,.

Also need to buy a radiator. Install it on the wall next to the TV. Take the tablet and on the "Shop" select the category "Settings", and then "Small radiator". You can also use the search at the top of the screen

Press the E key on it to start the installation of the radiator. Also it is necessary to hold the LMB on the mounting elements. If the part contains mounting screws - as in this case - you must also hold the cursor on them to tighten them.


Order 2 - Caroline Smith

Use email to receive an order from Caroline Smith. All you have to do is clear the garage. In it you will find a lot of garbage - basically old car tires, you do not have to throw everything away. Do not forget about the distribution of skill points.

Then use a squeegee. Remove stains from the floor and tire marks. It is worth moving the bikes to have a clear passage.

Now you need to clean the windows. Press E to enter the cleaning mode. The process is just to skip the washcloth over the window; at first glance this is not so easy. You can use perks to improve the mop.


Order 3 - Jack Graham

In this order everything is quite simple. It is necessary to install two wall-mounted radiators (as in order 1). After installation, go to the bathroom.

Above the washing machine you will see the pipes - hover the cursor over them to get information about the necessary part. In this case it is the radiator for the bathroom (Installation). On the opposite wall you will see the place for the last element.

Choose the right sink from the "Bathroom" section. You pay the cost of buying items. Before installing the sink, it is necessary to remove the plugs (E) from the pipes. For the work done you will receive about 800 USD.

Order 4 - Mat Marlow

The next customer is Mat Marlow. The amount of work will be slightly larger. If possible, then improve the mop. It will make it easier for you to clean all 9 windows. After cleaning and washing windows, it comes time for new fun - painting the walls. The color you need is gently pink. Buy a jar, which you can put on the floor in a convenient place for you.

Now press the 3 key to switch to the paint roller, or select it from the pop-up menu. Moisten the roller in the paint, press LMB. Also hold the key to move the cursor to the wall. You will notice that your character is applying two layers of paint (when the blue circle of progress is being filled, the worker is still drawing). This is waste, because one layer is enough. You must paint absolutely all the walls.


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