The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame
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Walkthrough The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame

Read the detailed walkthrough of all the chapters and planets in the game.

The first planet - Apocalypseburg

After the introductory video, go to the character marked by yellow star and interact with him. Break the selected objects to collect the required number of blocks (above the cat's head). Give her the blocks to find out the Builder Page of the Micro-manager. Build it. To do this, select the Builder Page in the hands (with the mouse wheel, at the bottom of the screen), click on E and select the desired Builder Page with the same mouse wheel. So far only Micromanager is available to you. Create it by pressing F (if it is highlighted in red, select another place). Use the same F key to attack the door to free Lucy.

Go to Batman, try to communicate with him, and then switch to another character - to Lucy. Continue the conversation. Use the Scanner Binoculars to examine a broken object nearby. So you will get Bouncer’s drawing. Destroy the object on the right to get the bricks and build in the selected area (pink square) Bouncer. Jjump up and go to the new character. Talk with him, go down the cable where Captain Beard will meet you. He will open the gate.

Tip. Use scanning binoculars as often as possible, so you can study many drawings and learn how to construct a huge number of objects. However, to pass this level, it was enough to study this Bouncer.

Go ahead and see the person in need. Defeat the aliens, then build the Bouncer in the indicated pink square (you can destroy the object on the right) and jump up, cling to the wall. Climb it higher, create a Micro-manager and shoot on the huge letters of the city BRICKSBURG. Use the scanner binoculars and hold F. Point the scope at an unknown object in the air. Aliens are attacking the city.

Go back to the gate and get your first transport - UltraKatty. Through the Builder Page, go to the Vehicles Library and create UltraKatty (there are objects scattered next to it that will allow you to do this). Get on the animal and jump to the other gate. There will be a new character. Chat with him, collect the blocks and create a generator to power the sparkling device. Enter the city and jump on the UltraKatty forward to the huge gate, behind which Batman has locked himself. Power the generator two sparkling devices to the right of the gate, then go left and create a Bouncer to climb to the third sparkling device. Create another generator next to it.

Kill all aliens inside the building, and then create two Thumpers to destroy dirt on the left and right. Climb up the stairs; jump on different objects until you find yourself on the roof with Katty. Create a Sprinkler to get rid of the fire, and then use cannon to destroy four small aircraft and cause enough damage to the alien spaceship. Watch the video.

Talk to the highlighted character to find out how to go into space. Leave the city; go up again to the signboard BRICKSBURG to see a huge monster. You have to fight with this boss. First you move to the right, to the fountain with a sparkling element. Install a generator to repair it. The bird will drink the liquid, it will shock, and you can climb up. Having done this, go forward, move along any wall, jump on the ledges and hooks (when they are illuminated), until you climb onto the roof, through which you get inside. Inside attack the pink aliens appearing from under the objects. Each time one of the 12 petals will be destroyed. When you destroy the four, the bird will be angry and spit out Lucy.


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