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Walkthrough The Little Acre

Walkthrough The Little Acre

Dress without waking Lily

Click on the shirt (on Dougal - old dog on the floor). Then take a wooden stick from the jaws of Dougal. You need to click on a stick when Dougal will begin to yawn and open its mouth.

There is inventory in the upper right corner. Open it by clicking on the icon. Choose a stick in your inventory. Apply the stick on pants (on a chair to the left). Your character will automatically find a sandwich under blanket. It moves in inventory.

Next, click on the boots beside the bed. When you need to get the sweater, which is Lily. Apply the sandwich at the dog. Dougal's mouth will start a bad smell.

Apply the stick on him, so he rolled toward Lily. Lily will turn to the side.

Apply a sandwich on sweater to throw it.

Dougal eat a sandwich. When Dougal will yawn, you need apply the stick from your inventory on a sweater (not very Dougal, just when the dog yawns). Click on the ladder at the bottom of the screen to go down.

Finish with case

Take the pitcher with the table and go through the door on the left, in the front yard of the house. Go to the mailbox and look inside. Examine the letter, the latest issue of the newspaper and small parcel with a blue crystal. We need to know what Arthur was doing – the father of the protagonist.

Return to the house. You need water for breakfast of Lily. Go to the front plan kitchen, to the right you will see the other door (not to the room of Arthur). Near the door, find and take away the ladder. Go through the door on the right and move on to the red pump. Apply it with a jug kitchen and try to interact, to get water. Handle broke.

Open the barn’s door on the right with a broken handle from the pump. Go inside and pick up the forks from the floor. Go back to the pump and use the fork on the block, located near the crane. Apply the resulting hammer on a pump. Take a jar of water.

Return to the house and enter the room of Arthur. Inspect the hole on the machine against the far wall. Use the blue crystal from the mailbox on the nest. Pour water from a jug into a funnel.

There are two toggles to the left. Upper switch (resistance) set the level of "4" (should light another green light to the right of the funnel, the bottom - at "3" (the other green light will illuminate). Labels will appear on the wall.

Exit the approximation and click on the red button at the left of the bed, on the floor. You close the blinds. On the wall is visible tables arranged in a certain order with white dots (five pieces).

Remember this order and look for the same machine. On the right there is the same table of buttons. Click on the button under the image on the wall.

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