Walkthrough The Occupation
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Walkthrough The Occupation

Read walkthrough of the political adventure game The Occupation.

The Occupation Walkthrough

The Fight

Watch the introductory video. This is the prologue. You see the two main characters of the game - Scarlet and Bowman.

Program "Silhouette"

When you are ready, crouch on the C key and climb inside the building through the open window. There is a locked door with a reader for plastic cards on the left side. Go to the room on the right and pick up a piece of paper with a list of tasks from the small table near the window. From this point on, you can press the key TAB to see this sheet of paper, hold down the CTRL to see also tips for completing tasks. The list is updated as you find various notes and clues. Take the key card (Alex Dubois) from the same table. Go to the door and apply the key card to it.

Look at the main hall through the opening on the right to overhear the conversation of the guard. You will learn that you can turn off the electrical panel in the main hall so that the guards will not receive a signal from the office of Charles Bowman.

Follow on and find a note on one of the tables. Jump over the obstacle in front, using the on-screen prompts. In front of the stairs down, you can find a token to buy a pack of cigarettes in the vending machine. This action is optional.

The Occupation Walkthrough
The Occupation Walkthrough

At the very bottom, go through the main hall and turn left where the Bowman office will be. There is a panel for entering a password. Also you find a letter box. Read the note in it. You will receive a clarification that the fuse box is located in the main hall.

Open the pantry to the left and read the note hanging on the board. You will find that there is a ventilation shaft in Marlon’s pantry leading to Charles Bowman’s office. You are just in this pantry. Move the lid back and climb inside the cabinet right now. However, before we recommend that you return to the main hall and inspect the shield, located near the office of Bowman. Turn off the toggle switch for office 201.

Enter Bowman's office, listen to the message on the answering machine, read the note and take the disk from the main workstation. Go down the stairs even further and you will see the door to Alex Dubois office on the left. Go inside and pick up the note from the table. It contains the code from Bowman's office - 5959. You will also find a server here. Open the glass door and place the disk in the holder under the monitor. You will need to enter a password, but so far it is unknown. You can find three tokens on the table to the left.

Go to the main hall with a projector on the first floor and turn into the corridor on the right to see office 101. It belongs to Scarlet. Go inside and read the note from on the table. It contains the code from the Silhouette program - SPUFF7.

The Occupation Walkthrough
The Occupation Walkthrough

Return to Alex Dubois office and enter this code to initiate data download.

Bend down and get out of the office in the hall with a projector. You will hear disturbing music. It indicates that there is a character nearby. Go through the hall to the opposite end and exit through the door that opens with a plastic card. Fortunately, the guard opens it. Go down the stairs on the right side, bend down and make your way under the roller shutters to find a vinyl record on the right side of the shelf. This is a collection item and there are 11 such records in the game.

Go to the other wing to find the door with a green sign Exit. Follow through it, move forward and Dan will find you. He will record that you were in the building and then open the door.

The Turing Canal


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