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Walkthrough The Park

After an introductory video move closer to the entrance and find the controller near window on the right side. Talk to him. The man notice that Charles, the son of the main character of the game already ran into the park. Go through the open turnstile and read the flyer lying on a bench on the right side.

To interact with objects you need to click the left mouse button. The right mouse button is used to call Charles. By the way, when you right-click a picture in a certain direction can be lubricated. This means that the other side is an interactive object that you can interact with. For example, the same flyer on the bench.

Take the escalator upstairs to watch the cut-scene. Run after Callum to the left. Pick up shoes, lying on the path. There is the first note on the bench to the right. Then you will see how the boy floats away in a boat to the cave. Take the next boat and swim into the cave. All you can do is look at the pictures on the walls and listen to the story of the brother and sister.

Climb up on the road, which will be located minibus. Open the front passenger door and read the second note on the seat. Move forward until you get around a large carousel. Read the note on the bench and go right to the controller's booth. Go inside and pull the lever several times to stop the carousel. Get out of the booth and click on the turnstile where is the cardboard mannequin of squirrel. You need to start moving in the "Oktotrone." See what happens.

After this carousel go forward from the turnstile until you are at the race track with electric cars. Walk through one of the turnstiles, which is broken and go to the electric car outside the area. Inspect the battery  on the hood. Next, go to the electric car, whose lights shine. He is such a one. Read the document on the hood.

After the cut-scene, go to the stairs, which is located near the electric car, ran off the route.

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