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Walkthrough The Room Three: all endings

Walkthrough leads the player to the final room of the tower. And then it depends only on you which ending you will see. Moreover, the developers themselves suggest that there are only 4 finals in the game, and they give "to change their destiny" without using the save.

What you need

You should have several key items by the end of the game. Below are brief ways to get them, but it is assumed that you have been very careful playing the game before this point.

  • The first item is the Master Key. You can get it right there in the last location. Place the last pyramid on a pedestal in the center of the hall.
  • Two Unusual artifacts. One of them should be triangular, and the second - rectangular.
  • Screwdriver. It should roll in your inventory from 4 episodes.

As you can see, there are not too many items, although it was quite difficult to get some. Each of them will come in handy for you to get a separate original ending, but if you want to open the last version of the final, you will need all 4 items.

The final

So, you are at the final stage. Where to start, the choice is small.

Approach the pedestal in the center and use the "Master key". There will be a slight transformation. A small vault will open on the edge, from which you will take the Metal Ring. It needs to be applied on a small construction right there. Next came a little puzzle. Use the lever and disc, turn the gears in the right direction so that they are opposite the metal rods. Click on the brown button next to the disc and turn on the projector.

Now you need to redirect the beam of light. To do this, turn the pedestal with a mirror, located on the outer arc. As a result, the cylinder should turn, and you can take the Mirror. It must be installed on a pedestal in the inner circle and remove the mirror on the outside. Now the beam is redirected to the "Master Key".

Dive into it. But the task before you is simple. It is necessary to make so that beams from all searchlights beat in a crystal in the center. Make it very easy. One of the switches locks the state of some emitters, the other changes the state of the remaining ones. When you solve the last puzzle of The Room Three, the walkthrough ends and a red ray appears. As a result, the exit will open - a door like a train compartment from the very beginning of this long adventure.

Second ending

In The Room Three, walkthrough the endings does not take you long. Alternatively, you can save immediately before entering the door during the first final, because its procedure is repeated time after time.

You will need a rectangular "Unusual artifact" to open the second card in the final credits. After you launched two beams and a door appeared in the compartment of the car, move away a little from the pedestal and stand facing it. Two new pedestals will appear to your left and right.

Approach to the left and place on it the indicated "Unusual artifact". There will be another simple puzzle. In the inner circle there is a small hole through which a ray of light periodically slips. In fact, it rotates around the crystal in the center. Just catch the tempo and start turn the hole so that it will let the light in for a long time and the device will activate.

Now you can go to the door that has changed its shape. The walkthrough of the game The Room Three is completed.

Third final

Unwind time ago. By the time you started up the red beam. This time, go not to the left, but to the right turret. You need to place triangular "Unusual artifact". Here you will have to solve another puzzle. It is absolutely identical to the one that you decided upon activating the “Master Key”, only six rays this time, not four. When finished with the procedure, you activate the beam and again change the look of the door. Here you will see another alternative ending.

Fourth final

The walkthrough clearly hints that you need to start all three projectors at the same time. Therefore, Stick to the plan.

  • Activate the "Master Key" in the same way as with the first ending.
  • Now go and turn on the projector with a triangular artifact.
  • Then you need to activate the device with a rectangular artifact. However, at this point, the first projector goes out.
  • Go to him and inspect. On the back side, use a screwdriver and move the socket, blocking the beam of light.

Everything, now all possible rays of projectors shine towards a door. But it's not there. Instead, you will see an incomprehensible black dip. Go into it and see the last possible ending of four. This concludes our article Walkthrough "The Room Three: all endings."


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