The Sinking City Walkthrough and Guide

The Sinking City: Walkthrough

Read the full walkthrough of the detective adventure The Sinking City.

Ship «Charon»

After the introductory video, you perform several actions in the room:

  1. Take the gun, camera and suitcase from the table.
  2. Take a photo of the sea trophy on the wall by selecting the camera with the key in the wheel of the TAB weapon.
  3. Pick up materials from the box marked with #.

Go outside and chat on all topics with Johannes van der Berg.


Cold Shoulder

Go away from the pier and talk to Robert Throgmorton, dressed in a white suit. We need to find his son. Follow the direction Robert is looking, and explore the wooden boat on the beach. Look at the green mucus at the spacesuit and read the note by Albert.

Return to Robert and enter the house on the left. Climb up to the second floor and talk to Will, one of four fishermen. Examine the wooden cabinet and blood on the floor; inspect the corpse in the next room, the dartboard and playing cards.

Go to the far room; look at the photos of the family with the family, the knife and the bottle. Examine the charm on the bed. Hold it in hand, click on Q, turn and hold LMB to see the scene.


A blue cloud will appear in the room with Will. Enter it, look at the 3 small clouds and number them:

  1. Room with Albert.
  2. The middle of the next room.
  3. Hole in the wall.


In another room, there is a model of a locomotive. In the ground floor you find a damp book and a bed for the dog.

Go outside and activate the inside view with the Q key. Go to where the dark figures are pointing. Inspect objects along the way. You can get into another building.


Go to the back room and inspect the corpse of Albert, hanging on a rope. In the same building, there is a torn pocket with a note to Lewis (Albert’s killer) on the ground floor. The local bartender owed him money. Combine all the evidence in Mind Palace, and then go in the opposite direction from Robert Throgmorton. There will be a bar on the right.


Enter it, talk to the bartender, go upstairs and walk into the room with Lewis. Interrogate him and decide what to do. It won’t affect on the development of the plot of the game and the ending. However, if you point to Lewis, you will soon find out about the frequent attacks. If you say that the killer is dead, then Lewis will thank you and say that it is better to leave Okmont.

Lost in the sea

Robert will talk about the expedition and ask him to find out what is happened. Go to the headquarters, which is marked on the map. Go inside, look at the broken door and pick up the note from the office table. Examine the cabinet, go upstairs and inspect the shell. There is also a note. In the back room, you can explore the stone with green slime, another note and a map without tags.


Go downstairs, inspect the documents on the floor and activate the Mind’s Eye. The crows will point to the wall by the stairs. Look at it to form a symbol. The wall will disappear. Go downstairs, look at the note, find and kill the enemy.


Return to the first floor and enter the cloud. Inspect the memories, and then number them. The Enemies knocked down the door, collected the documents, went through the wall and burned down all the papers below.


In Mind Palace, combine the burnt document and the cargo declaration. Go to the newspaper’s editorial office (the map is marked with a “newspaper” marker), talk to the administrator and use the archive. After selecting the Burned Newspapers evidence, set 3 parameters to search after the Flood / Advertisements / Grimhaven Bay.


Go to the Oakmont port, where you were at the beginning of the game (anchor on the map). Talk to the harbor master, kill the mutants at marina number 3, and talk to the boss again to learn about Sanders. Go to pier number 3, examine all the corpses and murder weapon. Move to the ship, look at the fish with the bottles, enter the cabin on the left and read Sanders’ diary after examining the strange statuette.


Go outside and use the blue cloud on the pier. Number the episodes — from the ship and further in order.


In the Mind Palace, combine the Wounded Sailor and Sanders has fled. Go to the local hospital, also marked on the map. Talk to the doctor, go to the archive behind him and specify the parameters for the search: Patients / After the flood / Grimhaven Bay. You need to select Wounded Sanders on the left.


Climb up and find a man with a bandaged shoulder. Chat on all topics. You find the address of the factory in the log. Find it on the map, go there and go inside. There is a spacesuit in the far room of the second floor. Take it away. Go back to the hospital, go to the basement. You find the Titania diary in the far room on the shelves.»

Now return to Pier 3 and get into the boat to the left of the Titania. Dive under the water and move forward along the lanterns until you find yourself in a cave with scientists from the Throgmorton expedition.

Inspect the damaged diving suits and the body of the Innsmouther a little further. Take a picture of it (the frame should be white, and after the picture will appear the inscription). Talk to the red man, go on to the cliff by the fire and take a picture of the statue on the right. Enter the blue cloud, look at all the episodes and number them. The Innsmouthers took the professor.

In the Mind Palace, you can combine all the evidence. Return to Robert and decide how to proceed — tell about the surviving team or say that all members of the expedition are dead. One way or another, the task will be completed.


Quid Pro Quo

Go to the police of Oakmont and use the archive. Select the fate of the expedition and set the parameters: Violent crimes / Suspects / Instruments of crime. You will receive a report number 19-0451.

The Sinking City Walkthrough

Go to the fish market in the Shells district and talk with Anna. Say what you would like to join the EOD organization. Anna will ask you to complete the task.

The Sinking City Full Walkthrough

Next you need to visit the warehouse EOD organization. It is located on the west of Shells district, on the Hawking Lane between Warren Road and Liberty Road. Chat with the guard and tell me the password from Anna. Go inside and kill the monsters. Run to the sides to avoid spitting monsters.

The Sinking City Walkthrough

Examine the first floor:

  • Spear is in the box;
  • Box with fish;
  • The can of poison is in a pile of fish.

The Sinking City Walkthrough

Also, there are boxes with materials. In the basement, inspect the body of the monster, use the Mind’s Eye and look into the past. If you have not yet found a flask of poison, then you go where the ghosts point from the monster’s corpse (in Mind’s Eye). After studying the tags on the flask, go to the basement and examine the place near the stairs. Use Mind’s Eye to find the illusory wall and dispel the illusion. Examine the instrument of torture.

The Sinking City Walkthrough

Study the second floor:

  • There is Mock ship on the table;
  • Tools for creating ships;
  • There is a letter from the orphanage on the table.

A blue cloud will appear. Enter it and learn the memories. Then number them:

  1. Man is near the box of fish.
  2. Man drops the fish case.
  3. The security guard hears noise at the office.
  4. The guard throws a spear and gets into the box.

The Sinking City Walkthrough

Talk to the guard and choose what to do (it doesn’t matter). Go to Anna and decide if she should know the truth.

In the Mind Palace, combine all the evidence you can to advance the investigation. After talking with Anna in the market, you should visit the university. Talk to the man at the front door and go to the medical building. Chat with the guy behind the desk, after which you will need to complete his task. Go down to the basement, kill the monsters and go back to the guy to have a substance analysis.

The Sinking City Walkthrough

There is a poster EOD is banned” on the wall beside him. If you click on the red button in the basement, a huge monster will appear, but you will unlock the achievement.

In the basement you can find:

  • The corpse of a little monster.
  • Two Logs of experiments — the first and second parts.
  • Devices for experiments.

Go back to the guy, do a substance analysis. Ask about everything and get the key from the second floor. The cabinet of Westerbrook is under repair. Pass into the room to the left and from the table to the left hand take away notes of Westerbrook. Take the draft from the Cavendish office, examine the soap with the key imprint on the table and activate the inner eye to see events from the past.

In the Mind Palace, combine the Cavendish evidence with a spare key and Westerbrook has access to the poison.

In the same Mind’s Eye, go where the ghosts point. You will reach the closed room. Break the lock and inside study tubes with poison.

The Sinking City Walkthrough

Go to Oakmont City Hall, marked on the map, in the Advent district. You find the address of Cavendish. To do this in the archive, enter the following conditions: Citizens / Occupation / Advent.

Cavendish lives in Advent on Michaels Road, between Carpenter Street and Constitution Street. Climb to the second floor of the house and pick up the note from the stroller. Enter the room by knocking the door lock.

The Sinking City Walkthrough

Examine the apartment:

  • Ring is on the table on the left;
  • List from professor’s table;
  • Two issues of the newspaper from the board — March and February.

The Sinking City Walkthrough

Take a look at the board, apply the Mind’s Eye, and then combine the evidence in the Halls of Mind (which you can). Destroy another lock on the door to see the dressing room. Examine the photo, activate the gaze and look at events from the past.

The Sinking City Walkthrough

A blue cloud will appear. Enter it and number the events:

  • Conversation at the square table;
  • Quarrel in the kitchen;
  • Anna leaves the apartment.

Anna is ex-wife of Cavendish, who left him with the child. The cut scene will start and Cavendish will appear. Chat with him and decide how to act — to cooperate with Cavendish or kill him (in case of refusal, Cavendish will attack the main character).

In the Mind Palace, combine evidence. You can conclude, but it is not necessary for the walkthrough.

So, you can tell Cavendish that you really will help (the truth), or lie. Finally, there is a third option — denial and subsequent murder. In the second and third cases, it remains only to return to Anna.

If you decide to poison the fish, then visit the same warehouse and interact with five boxes. There will be evidence in the magazine that you have poisoned the fish. If George is alive and you helped him, then at the nearest intersection between Liberty Road and Hawking Lane, meet him and learn about Fred.

The Sinking City Walkthrough

If you helped Anna and refused Cavendish, the woman will say that Maurice is waiting for you in the basement of the market. Go downstairs, the entrance is nearby under the roof of the market. You are attacked by enemies. Kill them and get a message stating that Anna ordered you to eliminate. Come outside and you will be stopped by Fred, about whom you could learn from Cavendish.

The Sinking City Walkthrough

Fred is ready to help, but first you must help him leave Oakmont. Go to Throgmorton and tell about everything. A new investigation will begin.

Fathers and Sons

You will learn the job details from Robert. Go to the Oakmont Chronicle, select the evidence and the search parameters: After the flood / Advertisements/ Salvation-Harbor. Follow the address in the bar «Seven Oaks» (address in the Log) and chat inside with the bartender.

The Sinking City: Walkthrough

He asks for a favor in return. You need to find a courier. The address is also indicated in the Log.

The Sinking City: Walkthrough

Kill the monsters, go to the basement and look around. Turn on the Mind’s Eye and look at the wall with the symbol. When it disappears, take a box of whiskey and enter the blue cloud. Examine the memories and indicate their correct order: the wall, the bandits at the stairs, the gangsters beat the man, burning of the man. Go back to the Bar Seven Oaks and tell about everything. You will receive instructions with the address. It is listed in the log. Go to the right place:

The Sinking City: Walkthrough

Talk to the bandits, answer the question and follow to the boss — Brutus. Talk to him and agree to help. You can inspect the building, the body of a woman in the basement, and then ask the man for it. He will say that the guilty has long been punished. Now you need to visit the Carpenters mansion.

The Sinking City: Walkthrough

Go to the right place and chat with the butler. Say what came at the expense of work. Follow the basement and find an empty potato sack. Use the Mind’s Eye and hunt down the thief in the courtyard across the street. Kill the monsters and talk to the man. Take the bag from him or leave him. Report to the employer about everything, then go up to the second floor and enter the far left room, although in the right one you can find a double and several clues (including papers from the safe behind the double’s back).

Talk with Brutus’s son, and then open the Mind Palace and connect several clues. Make a conclusion if you wish. Follow the crematorium in the upper left corner of the map.

The Sinking City: Walkthrough

Go inside and go down one floor. There will be a closed door. Read the note, go to the next room and inspect the table. Under the note will be the key. Go down even lower, open the same door, and inspect all the evidence. Take a look at the shovel, which has two points for interaction. Enter the blue cloud and choose the correct order: a table with a key at the top / Brutus awakened / hit the enemy with a shovel / Brutus stands at the stairs…. In the Mind Palace, combine evidence with a Shift schedule and Stunning worker.

Follow the hospital, use the archive and configure the search: Patients / After the flood / Surgery. Go to the second tier and chat with a person with a head injury. In the Mind Palace, combine the evidence that the congregation wanted to burn Brutus, and Brutus met with the priest.

Follow the library in Oakmont and use the archive: Religion / 17th-19th century / Local. Do not forget to choose the necessary evidence in the area to the left every time! You will find out where the church is.

The Sinking City: Walkthrough

Once in the church, examine the altar. Use the Mind’s Eye. Look at the two statues in the corners, and the third statue on the second floor. Go to the basement and find the evidence. You should examine the body, the note on the floor, the diving suit and the puddle of slime. Enter the blue cloud and select the sequence of fragments: people are praying on the second tier / people on the first floor / people in the basement speak for crematorium / people in diving suits.

Open Mind Palace and connect two clues — people took the documents from the church / sectarians went under the church. Use the diving suit in the basement to dive under the water. Activate the Mind’s Eye and inspect the rock with the symbol so that it disappears. Go forward through the glowing lamps and enter the cave.

Talk to the sectarian, after which you will need to kill the Fecund Mother. First, deal with ordinary enemies, and then throw the throwing weapon into the monster in the center. After the victory, inspect the book at the hole, and then pick up the letter lying next to the three newborns. Open the Mind Palace and combine the remaining evidence. Return to the diving suit to go to the ground.

Go to Brutus. Tell us about your son or kill Brutus Sr. In general, it does not matter whose direction you choose. Both will help Fred leave Oakmont.


Go to the meeting place:


Follow there by boat, moor and enter the hole in the wall. Fight with two opponents, then look at the location and find notes. You find a knife in one of the corpses. Inspect it, and then enter the blue cloud. Choose a sequence: people on the second floor near the stairs / Blackwood are abducted / Blackwood near the building / Innsmouther is killed. Open Mind Palace and combine the two clues — Not the first and not the last / Hooded Massacre.

Go to the police, use the archive, select the evidence and set the parameters for the search: Violent crimes / Suspects / Reed Heights. You need to visit Orion Club, located here:


Stock up on ammunition, go inside and go down to the floor. There will be a wounded sectarian. Defeat your enemies. You can help sectarian or not. For the first-aid kit you can get ammo. Activate Mind’s Eye and examine the wall near the sectarian to open the passage. Inspect the Innsmouther, activate Mind’s Eye and follow where the crows points. Take a look up to the floor above the hole through the ceiling.

Keep going where the crow is looking, look at the evidence, include the Blackwood questioning. You will have to go up one more floor. Smash the locks on the doors and at the very top, find the imperial mage. Chat with a man, then fight with him and his colleagues. Examine the rest of the evidence in the mage’s office, open the Hall and connect the two clues — Blackwood and Professor Dough / Blackwood and Dough correspondence. You will learn about the secret refuge located here:




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