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Walkthrough The Surge

Abandoned Shop


Listen to the information at the beginning of the game. Follow left and go down the tunnel. Turn right and you will see two rooms in front of you. Here you have to choose a character class. And there are only two of them in the game - the operator of support of light equipment and the operator of support of heavy equipment. In the first case, your strengths will be associated with agility, speed, etc., and in the second - with incredible strength and high strength.

After you come to yourself, learn with the management. Use the F key to activate the injection. Now you only have one - to increase your health. Use it. The C key is needed to see available injections.

Capture the target by clicking on the Middle Mouse Button, and then attack the opponents of LMB and RMB (normal and heavy attacks). Use the "Space" to evade, and Q to block the shots.

Destroy several robots. When you kill the third, climb a little uphill, turn right and among the wreckage find the prey - the yellow pyramid. This icon indicates any prey - it can be anything.

The next prey will be inside the wreckage.

Landfill of missiles

There are two ways. There is a medical station inside the room to the left. Kill enemies and you can pick up a second implant. Activate it in the inventory (key I) to see the amount of enemy strength (CP). Improvements are not available at the medical station, because you need the power core. But you can go to the section "Exotic Suit" and hold down the T key. So you save ALL found parts (in case of your death they will not be lost).

Talk to the girl. Use the terminal. Go back and go in the opposite direction, up the hill. Here it will be necessary to destroy three drones - one attacks in close combat, and two others - shoot from guns. If you do this, then pick up the prey - the skeleton of the exoskeleton and the head processor.

Exit from the center to the other side and go down. Go first left. Here there will be new enemies - cyborgs in exoskeletons. First grab the target, and then use the mouse wheel to select unprotected body parts - they are highlighted in blue. You do not need to attack the red and yellow parts of the body.

Kill several such enemies. One of them will beat his head against a metal wall. Be careful - he will run at you. It is better to jump off, or you can die from one blow. There is Garrett Masters' Golden Ticket audio recording on the right side of the bushes.

When you kill a big guy with a sparkling weapon, then search the fallen prey to pick up the Atlant power unit. Go back to the medical station and install the power core.

Also do not forget to exchange a coupon for the equipment (available in the inventory from the very beginning of the game) on the workbench from the side. You will receive the equipment for the hands and feet "Rhinoceros". Equip it all through the inventory.

Go down the stairs and go through the hull of the rocket in front (neither left nor right). You will be able to find the audio record "Chavez".

Return to the place where there was a cyborg with a power core. There is a terminal to the left of the gate - reload the power circuit, use the charge of the power unit. If the charge is below level 10, then you will not do anything (you need to raise the level on the medical station).

Main assembly line

Inside there will be several cyborgs. You must go to the far end and open the doors. Be sure to open the doors leading to the previous locations - some of them can be unlocked exclusively from one of the two sides.

There will be Exo lift. It can climb up and collect a few useful items, as well as activate the Exo lift near the medical station.

Go to the end of the assembly line on the first tier and kill two cyborgs. Try to jump to the container with the prey. Do this from the wreckage. By the way, the jump is only available during running. The "Space" key. From the container, jump higher and go up the stairs to find the audio record "Workbench".

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