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Walkthrough The Surge

Exit through the huge doors nearby. You will need to overload the power circuit on the right. Open the door on the right to access the previous location. Go through the missile body to the left. There will be a swamp with poisoned air. There is a turn to the right, into the bushes after the body of the first rocket. Behind the bushes there will be an ordinary drone. Destroy it! Avoid a dangerous bucket. Periodically attack the body. From time to time you will have to bounce to the side when you notice that the car is going to crash to the ground with the whole body (it can hit the wave).

After the victory you will be able to pick up the story brilliant coin, as well as the collection of comics IRONMAUS number 1.

Go on, kill the enemies and climb the stairs. Go down the other side and follow the rocket assembly site.

The missile assembly station

There is an Exo lift on the right. Go up, you will find that the agnitic line does not work. The electricity is off. Go down and go through the door on the right - to the power station.

Here you need to go down to the bottom and kill one new cyborg. He is much faster and dexterous than the rest. But, in principle, he has bare parts of the body. Attack on them to kill the enemy faster. Reboot the power circuit and return to the top.

ATTENTION! At the top I recommend go to the left of the entrance and find the way back to the medical station. Save all your spare parts, and then run to the rocket assembly station. The fact is that now you are waiting for the battle with the boss.

In addition, we note that on the location you can find two more audio recordings - "Incident" and "Be vigilant".

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