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Walkthrough The Technomancer

Walkthrough The Technomancer

Chapter 1


The game begins with the creation of a new character. You can’t give him your name. Next, select the talents and attributes. Be sure to think about the direction in which you want to develop character.


Once the game starts, you will see the studio. You can use it to upgrade weapons and armor. You need to find craft materials, such as leather or metal. Materials for crafting can be found in the game at random, buy from a dealer or directly from recycling unwanted items. Each class uses certain weapons / armor, so it is necessary to upgrade only those items that can use your hero. However, during the introduction, you can play as any character class. The final choice will have to do later!


In the gym, you will learn about the three classes of characters: the Guardian, Robber and Fighter.

Guardian focuses on powerful attacks, moves slowly and protects from incoming attacks by using a shield. Worst choice if you have to fight with the bosses and move large groups of enemies.


Robber is more dynamic character. He focuses on circular attacks and deviations. Easy weapon of robber does not cause much damage, but attacks very quickly. In addition, this class character can kill enemies by using firearms. Firearms can change and improve.

A warrior or fighter equipped staff. He fights effectively with large groups of enemies, but can’t block incoming attacks.


The number of the health of your trainer, you can see on the left side of the screen. He can’t die, like any other companion in the game. The first enemies you can destroy by attacks. Use two, three hits, and then push down the enemy by using a shield or turn aside (depending on the class), and then repeat the procedure. Search the corpses to find useful items. These you can find from dressers, chests and corpses.

One of the useful things is serum, the game currency used on Mars. Get Serum from the defeated enemy, you kill him. These killings affect the karma of the hero. If you take the serum from the monsters, it does not affect your karma.


When you find yourself in the shelter, you'll fight with monsters. They die of one or three hits. You can take only serum from their bodies. Use your lightning attacks. As the lightning attack twice, if you kill the first blow of the enemy, the second blow is flying in the other. Go through the shelter and jump on the oval arena, where you will destroy even more monsters.


At the end of the quest you will meet with your boss. You need hit the heart of the monster. The enemy will counterattack you after the attack. Thus, if you attack him with a melee weapon, after each hit you need turn aside.

It is best to use a firearm or lightning attacks, and then wait for the enemy counter-attack, then quickly run up to him and put 2-3 strike with melee weapons. After that, the enemy will become angry and begin to furiously attack. If you play for the Guardian class, then avoid these attacks will be difficult.


At the same time on the battlefield will appear smaller monsters that you have seen before. If the enemy will attack in a rage, he destroys small opponents.

A quick way to finish the fight - to use the stick and combos. Shoot lightning in the heart of the enemy, then wait for his counter, move closer and perform combos. Again run away from the enemy, and then to repeat the procedure. Use electricity, replenish your health.

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