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Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough The town of light


Use the keyboard and mouse to control the game. The keys W, S, A, D need for the movement of the character. Moving the mouse allows you to look around on the sides. Clicking the left mouse button - to open the door, use an item, and interact with objects. Click the right mouse button - to close the door, leave the object in question. When you consider any items, and then rotate the mouse wheel to zoom in or out of them. To exit the pause menu, you press the ESC key. Press the key F - to enable or disable the flashlight.

Volterra 1942

Move forward on the path and open the iron gate. Continue to follow the same path. Soon you will see a huge building - a psychiatric hospital. Walk along it and enter in through the main door. Follow ahead until you reach the T-shaped fork. The main heroine of the game will tell about her doll. You need to find her!

Go to the left side of the corridor and run into a closed door the women's section. There is a switch box on the left wall. Inside it there are three switches - two of them are green, and one - the red. Click on the red switch. Now the elevator is active. Go to the back side and the left side find the landing. Call the elevator by pressing the button. Open the door and enter the elevator and press the button with the number "1". You go up to the floor above. Go right ahead, into the corridor in front of, and take the first door on the right. Look at the doll in a hospital bed. You will have a new memory. It's the first in a row.

Go back down to the ground floor, together with a doll. Turn left. Do you see the end of the corridor a wheelchair? Click on it to put the doll back. Now we need to take the doll in a warm place. If you have not activated the elevator and went up the stairs, then do it (there is a guard at the other end of the corridor). Roll the baby carriage to the lift. Do not roll too close. Leave the baby carriage by clicking the left mouse button. Then call the elevator. When it comes, you will open the door to advance. Push the baby carriage with Charlotte in the elevator. Close the door and press "1".

Exit the elevator and roll baby carriage to the left. Then turn right at the door. At the doorway is a plaque indicating on surgery. Leave the baby carriage around lamps. It is time to go back to where it all began.


Get down to the first floor and go to the door on the left, in the department of observation. Move forward a long time without stopping. Watch the cut-scene.

Try to open the door, but it is unsuccessful. Get away. Soon someone will open the door. Exit to the hallway and go right to the very end. Go to the doll and click on it. Move in time, pass by psychopaths and turn left. Follow an orderly with a doll in hands. Go to the bathroom and watch the cut-scene.


Go is now on the second floor by the stairs or the elevator, turn left and immediately go through the doorway on the left, which indicates the sign "Gynecology". Go to the gynecological chair and read a note on it. When the story ends, you return to the corridor.

Go through the doorway on the other side, to the right. There is a hallway with three outpatient facilities. You found a doll in the nearest room. Now you need to go to the far door. Sign in ambulatory room the C, and then click on a map of the patient on the table on the right wall.


Get down to the first floor, turn left and in one of the doorways to the left find the exit to the street. Go out and see another flashback. Move is now to the left, down the street. The path will go to the left, again to the left. You follow strictly on it. On the other side of the building you will find an open door. Go through it and find yourself in the kitchen. The door automatically closes behind you.

Move forward through the open door. Immediately look to the right. Open the door and open another one, which is less than the previous for it. You will see a room with a pipe. Go down. There are two boilers. Close the door of the nearest one. There is a mechanism with a green button on the door. Try click on it, but the unit does not work. There is pipe with a valve between the two boilers. Turn this valve. You can find the switch on the other hand on the wall. There are two switches, but the bottom is broken. Lower it. Then take a look again at the door. There are holders on the right side of the door at the top and bottom corners. Slide them into place as shown in the screenshot below.


Go up; go to the next room to the right, where there are three showers. On the right wall there is a pipe. Turn all valves and you can see the inscription “Loading” to the lower right corner of the screen. You will hear the words of the protagonist.

Go back to the kitchen and look to the left. It will open the door that was previously locked. Follow the corridor and open the next door and climb the stairs. Go to the women's section, that on the right side. Earlier, the door was locked.

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